Black Music Month Rare Music Spotlight: 1 Of The Girls (1993)

Black Music Month Rare Music Spotlight: 1 Of The Girls

In the summer of 1993, a hot new single hit the airwaves entitled “Do Da What.” The single was the debut by a new girl group discovered by the late Gerald LeVert that consisted of Nina Creque (daughter of jazz pianist Neal Creque), LaShawn Sykes-Banks, Marvelous Miles, and Rae-Deon Kirkland; known together as 1 Of The Girls!

The single was later followed up with a hot music video that stayed in heavy rotation on BET and MTV as well. In July the group released their self-titled debut album. They would follow up “Do Da What” with the ballad “Handle With Care.” That single wasn’t as successful as the first due to lack of promotion, however there were many high-school girls at the time always singing the hook, “my love is fragile, so handle with care.”

Although their album wasn’t a success, again due to lack of promotion on their labels part. It did feature some other gems like “Will You Be Mine,” “I Don’t Want Your Man” and “Sorry Didn’t Do It.”

Since then the ladies have all kept working in the music industry in one way or the other. Nina Creque appeared on 8ball & MJG‘s “Space Age Pimpin” and “Love Hurts,” she’s also appeared on “Running out of Bud” with Dave Tolliver of Men at Large. Nina is also studio manager at Dirty South Studios in Atlanta. Rae-Deon Kirkland is a gospel singer and Marvelous Miles has an independent release, “Heavily Influenced” that was released in 2006. LaShawn Sykes was married and is now LaShawn Banks.

Check out their videos and listen to some gems from their self-titled album!

  1. I soooooo remember them. That video was always on when I would get home from school lol. I had the tape and it really is good. The songs they made anybody in highschool could relate to.

  2. Sorry didnt do it is a good song. This is my first time hearing it. I do remember them when they can out they always reminded me of Tlc I think they could of been just as big

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