New Music: Debut Single from NU DNA “What I Really Like”

Michigan is home to an emerging Urban Gospel trio called NU DNA. NU DNA is comprised of three vocally versatile, sincere men of God:Kelvin Moore, Larry Frye and Marc Frye.

You’re being introduced to each gentleman one by one and getting to hear music from their new CD HELP SOMEONE. Take a moment to get to know Larry Frye. Click Larry’s photo to watch his video blog and take a listen to “What I Really Like” and get ready for the music and ministry of NU DNA!

  1. Love the song! What I really like by NU DNA … The trio have beauiful voices , and they sound well togather.. What I really like is a healing song; I been listening to this song … Larry, Marc, Kevin, made their single a easy listen which is good to me because it is just right for my ears… Larry, Marc, Kevin, sing clear which I like about them too… Those beats were well produced … All of them came with a suit taken it back old school… Radio recieving this single to get more people drawn to new music…
    Other songs they can bring to the table at the end of the day.. I hope NU DNA Don’t come only with one good song when there Help Someone disc come into stores..

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