UB Friday Spotlight: Meet-N-Greet Motown’s STORi

If you haven’t heard about STORi yet you soon will. The singer/songwriter is one of the latest artists to be added to the Motown/Universal roster. “STORi TIME” is her latest offering. Reflecting on her Past, Present & Future, Stori goes into story mode and gives the listener a insight into her world. The music video for “STORi TIME” was shot directly with a iPhone 4S. STORi is showing the world that she is defiantly a new artist to look out for in 2012. Enjoy the music, it truly speaks for itself.

The Universe may not be able to contain her for long, but as Universal Motown’s latest signee, Stori’s talents as a singer/songwriter lend themselves to the powerhouse label. (“Stori has the ability to relate to the masses with her music.”) said Rex Rideout VP of Motown. The young New Jersey natives ability to paint a vivid picture with her edgy lyrics and rhythmic melodies instantly grab the attention of any first time listener. Stori studied the great artists who came before her like, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash giving a kaleidoscope style to her music.

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