Happy Mothers Day from The Gurlie Gurlz


Quartet tweens that are taking over the web with their incredible vocal skills
and amazing four part harmony. The Gurlie Gurlz consist of Imani Knox,
daughter of Pop Grammy nominated singer Shanice Wilson and actor Flex
Alexander, her cousin Kennedy Stephens and bff twins Shelbi and Sydney
Schauble, daughters of Emmy Award winning Chris Schauble.

Watch their new video in honor of Mothers Day, a rendition of “Love On Top” by Beyonce.

The group was assembled and is being developed by Crystal Wilson, Shanice’s
mom who groomed her into one of the best voices in the music industry.
Crystal’s harmony arrangements of the Gurlie Gurlz acapella covers of Adele’s
“Rolling In the Deep” and “Fire to the Rain” as well as En Vogue’s “Hold On”
intro has the entire internet buzzing and hip-hop icon LL Cool J tweeting they
are “the future”.

With their own clothing line on the horizon, the Gurlie Gurlz brand is headed
for major success. They are currently being courted for various TV projects,
movie soundtracks and special appearances on popular talk shows. With their
youthful and clean image the Gurlie Gurlz are destined to be role models for
young girls all across the world.

[Website] www.gurliegurlz.com