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The female emcee has been a dying breed for many years. Shaneika “SHAI-GIRL” Alston is a Hip Hop artist with intentions of bringing the female emcee to the forefront of music again. With fellow musical influences in the genre such as Queen Latifah, Salt & Pepper, MC Lyte, Left-Eye and Lauryn Hill. SHAI-GIRL intends on establishing a name for her self as these great female emcees did.

“Some of the female rap artists that I enjoyed growing up were people like Salt & Pepper, MC Lyte, Left-eye, Eve and Missy. I’ve always been a fan of rap music but as female artists, they stood out in a way that only they could. I plan to do the same.”

SHAI-GIRL, born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina embarked upon her journey at the tender age of 8 years old. In 1992 she discovered two artists who she notes as the sparks for her musical epiphany.

“Whitney Houston, I discovered in the doorway of a movie theatre. I definitely knew who she was and heard her music before but it was something about that song. I Will Always Love You. When I heard it I was like wow. The feeling I had at that moment I wanted to create for others it was the best feeling ever and it gave me the greatest idea ever.”

“Tupac, i discovered through his video “Brenda’s Got a Baby.” He just had a presence that impressed me and I admired his ability to tell a profound story. Even at that age I appreciated his art. As I got older he really inspired me more and more even after his death. He stood firm behind his beliefs and took it upon himself to spark change. I have learned so much from him. One thing that stood out is something he said.. I will not change the world but I will spark the brain that will change the world. I don’t know if that brain is mine but he definitely inspires me to not be afraid of impacting the world and speaking my truth.”

Not long after SHAI-GIRL discovered another artist who she credits as the very most single artist who influences and inspires her in every way.

“Wow when I first saw Brandy on television it was something about her that just stood out to me. She was acting at the time and I remember asking myself, who is this girl? When I saw her first music video that just sealed the deal for me. She was everywhere and that’s where I wanted to be. I have to say that she is the artist that showed me what I could become. I kept my eyes on her throughout the years and she’s such a strong individual. One thing I love about her is how she’s not afraid to do her own thing. She makes music that within her experiences and you can really feel and relate to them. She makes you feel every emotion that she needs to to get the point of the song across. I’ve gotten through the toughest times in my life because her voice and the influence she has had on me. I love her to this day. I met her on her Birthday in 2010 and it was one of the best experiences in my life. She showed me a lot of love and I will never forget that. She’s opened herself up to me and that’s something I will never forget. She’s definitely a mentor.”

Now SHAI-GIRL strives to establish herself as an artist that fans could list as inspiration. She prides herself as being a storyteller and true lover of music. She has dedicated her life fulfilling her purpose through reaching as many people as she can. She made a huge accomplishment by graduating from college and even earned a Master’s degree in Entertainment Business.

“As far as education, its very important. I never expected to go to college but once I graduated high school I needed something to do with myself. I always knew I would be successful. It was all about ensuring that. I definitely picked fields that would help me get closer to my dreams. Why not learn the business you’ve decided to dedicate your life to? Its smart to know all you need to know about how to survive in this tough industry. I’m definitely all about my business. I’m very ambitious and passionate so going to college is something I’m proud of. It showed everybody how serious I was about having a career in music.”

Her mission is to touch the lives of people as her favorite artists have and make an impression on her fans as Whitney, Tupac, & Brandy have made on her.

“I just want to be that person that my fans can turn to for help. Whatever they need in an entertainer I want to be for them. I want to make the music that will make them smile, dance, cry, and that they can enjoy. Every emotion there is I want to hit on. If i could touch someone and help them along their path of life like Tupac and Brandy have with me, then I will be fulfilled as an artist.”

SHAI-GIRL says this about the state of Hip Hop right now, ” I love the state that Hip Hop is in right now. There was a time when I wasn’t too sure of my belief in the artists who have been out but the game is looking up. With artists like B.O.B, J. Cole, Drake, and of course Kanye, T.I. & Eminem, its looking pretty solid. Lil Wayne is a monster in the game and I love the whole movement of Young Money. Jay Z puts out consistency and Nas gives me everything I need. He influences me a lot. They are all out in the game right now so its very strong. As far as the females, I’m waiting on the return of fellow Scorpion Eve. I really like her. Missy always comes with that energy that makes you feel good and hats off to Nicki Minaj. She’s really showing what branding is all about. She definitely has created a strong fan base of fans that adore her, so that’s great to see. I hope to have that kind of interest. LiL Kim, I’m anxious to see return and succeed. Lil Kim that I’ve come up knowing is tough her delivery everything. She made you look at her, she made you listen to her. The female emcee has a very promising future. I’m looking to add to that with my music.”

SHAI-GIRL’s Debut Album is entitled “Self Diagnosis” & Will Be Released in June!
Check out her debut video, for her hot new single…”Still Single”

[Download] “Still Single” from iTunes Now!

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  1. Shai’s song Still Single relates to me a lot. i cant to hear more of her music . im ready for her to blow up and become one of those artist like Whitney, Brandy or even Tupac.

  2. Shai’s song Still Single relates to me a lot. i cant to hear more of her music . im ready for her to blow up and become one of those artist like Whitney, Brandy or even Tupac.

  3. I like this, i feel like it can reach out to a lot of people… I’m ready to hear some more work from her, it’s not that much female MC that rap about life. Keep it Hip Hop baby girl…

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