Download: Audio Push’s New Mixtape “Truth Be Told”

SoCal Hip-Hop duo, Audio Push, aren’t sleeping; yet their dreams are concise. With plans to make their way to the forefront of west coast hip hop, these Inland Empire artists haven’t been quiet during their trek toward that goal. Having already seen mainstream success with two popular tracks— “Teach Me How To Jerk” and “Up N Down”Oktane, 22, and Price Tag, 21, are ready for the next step in their journey. Recently signed to Hip-Hop and R&B platinum-producer Hit-Boy’s record label, Hits Since 87 (or HS87), Audio Push will be releasing their mixtape, Truth Be Told on Tuesday, March 27.

The 19 track compilation is a cleverly crafted mix of songs ranging from gritty to club. The impressive showcase is a testament to their hip hop roots. Growing up during the 90’s golden era of Hip-Hop, Price Tag and Oktane have been greatly influenced by a handful of west coast icons, from Tupac to E-40. Now, almost 10 years after they first started rapping together at the tender ages of 12 and 13, both have realized just how musically inclined they truly are. Aside from their lyrical abilities, Oktane, 22, sings and Price Tag, 21, produces; both of which are showcased on their upcoming mixtape.

Over the course of their musical career, the group has released several mixtapes: The Soundcheck, The Backstage Pass, The Intermission, 7th Letter, and My Turn. Formerly signed to Interscope Records and Sean & Kadis, Audio Push has developed a loyal fan base who, over time, have become quite familiar with their movement and music. They are confident that their latest project will not only excite fans, but further prepare them for what the duo has in store.

“We just made the kind of music that we wanted and love to make,” says PriceTag. “There was no force with this project. Whoever it reaches, it will reach. We are just being the best Audio Push we can be.” Adds Oktane, “This, hands down, is our greatest project so far. We have found our lane and really captured it.”

Truth Be Told drops on Today and will be available for free download online at


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