1. Loving the video act like a lady think Like a man …. Jennifer Ne-yo did a good job on the song …. Act like a lady think like a man is my song …. Ladies should act like a lady think like a man , Ladies who think like men will get far in life too… The concept will saved ladies a lof of heart break from the games as well…. I think like a man , I thought like a man before Steve written his book …. When men see women who know what their about as men. You acting like a lady it will see it as a challenging task to them he also seeing he can’t pull noting over you as a woman ….. As you grow as adult you also get a lot of exprience as a person …… I saw the video twice on 106 as the world premire …

  2. Hi Aries , I can’t get back in to the board…. I been trying for the longest time…. I need a new pass word….

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