Cissy’s Farewell Letter to Whitney

Cissy Houston‘s heartfelt letter to her daughter Whintey Houston, as written in Whitney‘s funeral program.

Dearest Whitney,

The presence of God blessed our home with life, love, joy and peace. You and your brothers were the center of divine love attracting God’s richest blessings. You were a child of God. We had so much love in our home that was truly from on high.

You always gave without expecting anything in return and our love was the force that multiplied these blessings higher and higher. I never told you that when you were born, the Holy Spirit told me that you would not be with me long and I thank God for the beautiful flower he allowed me to raise and cherish for 48 years.

God said it’s time Nippy; your work is done. The other day on Feb. 11th He came for you. But not without warning. For two months now I have been depressed, crying, lonesome and sad not knowing why.

On Saturday, before I found out about your transition, my doorbell rang. I went to answer it but there was no one there. It rang again and again, no one was there. I called the concierge to tell him someone was ringing my doorbell. He checked the cameras and told me that no one was there. You promised me you were coming to spend time with me after the Grammys. I believe the spirits allowed you to come after all.

How I love you Nippy and how I miss you, your beautiful smile, your special little things you used to say to me and sometimes you’d call just to say “hi Mommie, I love you so much,” I loved you so much more.

I love you.

I’ll miss you.

Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.

Rest my baby girl in Peace; you’re now in the arms of Jesus.

Love, Mommie

  1. That was so beautiful. So she knew in her heart that Whitney was going to be called home before she was. A mothers love for their child in the words of Ms. Houston; is the greatest love of all! God bless Cissy and her family during this rough time.

  2. Dear Mrs. Houston, May the comfort you and Bobbi Kristina. Your daughter was a special treasure ,,, the world will miss… I had the honor of attending
    one of her concerts … She sounded like a Angel…
    I did n”t know your child… however I LOVED her. God Bless and keep
    you and the family.
    Alyce Terrel

  3. A wonderful blessed letter … Whitney knew her time was going to be spend short… She lived for 48 years… She didn’t suffer so now she with Jesus… She wanted to be with Jesus because she kept telling people she wanted to be home with Jesus… Whitney had too many demons to bare everytime I would watch her perfrom or do a interview … She was a good person she reached out to folks She had a giving heart .. I heard from people .it’s been good articles about her… She love her daughter when she was a baby. Bobbi said Clap your hands on my love is your love she had taken her every where …. Nippy always would talk about Jesus in her songs… My love is your love she would say what would Jesus say what have I done with my life on Judgement day… I read her letter in the Chicago Defender … Nice article about her. I’m glad Cissy allow the world to share Whitney with the world … Nippy is singing with GOD choir … Cissy is blessed to share memories with her family, her self …. She in a better place,,,, Her music is good for comfort … He’s all over me , he is keeping me alive.. He’s all over me song help in this time of need … I hoped things go well with the family….

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