New Music: Monica & Brandy “It All Belongs To Me”

RCA has skipped the snippet and kept the original release date to radio by releasing the new Monica & Brandy single
It All Belongs To Me” today!

Rico Love produced the mid-tempo and it will be on iTunes February 14th! The video for the song will be directed by Chris Robinson and is being shot February 13th! The single is from Monica‘s upcoming release “New Life” which will be in stores on April 10th! An alternate version of the song will also be released on Brandy‘s upcoming Spring release. Make sure to catch them as they perform the single on Jay Leno February 16th!

    1. I hate to say it but I dont really like it either. It seems all over the place but they sound good and them saying sh#t seems so out of place. I hope it does well for them though

    2. It’s one of those songs that really grows on you. It’s different and I wasn’t as crazy about it at first as I expected but now it’s my favorite song. It may be my favorite ever when the video comes out. I absolutely love it. They sound AMAZING!!!

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