New Video: Karyn White Presents…”Sista Sista”

Karyn White as you know is back! With a new album “Carpe Diem” set to be released this spring. Check out the video for the first single “Sista Sista.” Karyn explains the song “The reason for Sista Sista is that I have always spoken to women and spoken about women’s issues with women. Please keep in mind that my songs are never intended to bash or batter men, and this song is no different; but Sista Sista is for my ladies!”

Karyn went on to say “I want women to really look at themselves, as opposed to looking at others, point at themselves in the mirror and work on fixing themselves, instead of putting the blame elsewhere. It’s all about empowerment and strength!” Director Gregory Everet had this about the clip “This video is very special to me. It is one of the few songs I have conceived a video for recently that had special purpose and meaning. Also, a bit of trivia. Karyn and I were in the special performing arts program at the Ebony Showcase Theatre in 1981. She majored in singing, and I in film.”

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