Video: Luke James Releases Debut Video & Reveals Single Cover for “I Want You”

Singer/Songwriter Luke James has released his new video for his debut single “I Want You ” and revealed the cover for the single.

He’s a singer/songwriter who truly embodies the honesty and fresh, organic soulfulness that’s been in relatively short supply of late in contemporary music. Now that sounds like a pretty tall order for a newcomer to fulfill. However, the New Orleans native is very much up to the task. In fact, you’ve no doubt heard his work: he co-wrote Chris Brown’s “Crawl” and has penned songs for Justin Bieber (“That Should Be Me”) and Britney Spears (“Kill The Lights”), among others. And his growing fan base includes none other than Beyoncé, who selected James to appear in her “Run the World” video.

While in high school in 2001, James joined a trio that started performing around New Orleans, opening for such acts as Brian McKnight. That’s when James first met his longtime manager Frank Gatson. When things with the trio didn’t work out, James moved to Los Angeles after graduation—on the advice of Gatson—and began singing background for R&B singer Tyrese. It was through the singer that James met production duo the Underdogs and signed with their label as part of a singing duo: Luke & Q.

When Luke & Q decided to go their separate ways, James began honing his skills as a songwriter after hooking up with producer Danja nearly four years ago. Since then, he has collaborated on songs for Brown, Bieber, Spears, Keri Hilson and Brandy and worked alongside such other producers as Kadis and Sean and the Messengers. Inspired by those collaborations, he rediscovered his footing as a singer in his own right.

“I found the feeling again where I felt something fresh could come out,” says James. “Writing songs helped me figure out what my lane was as far as being a solo artist. And I’ve also learned something else: If I don’t feel it, I can’t do it.

The highly anticipated debut solo work from one of today’s most talked about artists who has yet to release an album is sure not to disappoint fans and critics alike. Luke’s FREE pre-album release of #LUKE will be followed by the full-length release of Luke James’ debut solo album, Made to Love coming spring 2012!

  1. I want you is a nice song , Luke was on 106 the other day, It made my day to see him on the show…. He had a nice interview with Terrence Rosi … He stood out better as a solo artist , he don’t have to worry about the different changes dealing with a group ….. He seem to have his own image… I’m glad to see him perform on NACCP awards performing the single… He sounded good…. The article typed on here is very interesting what words stood out he not feeling it he don’t do it…. I want you hoping his song get radio play…. He bringing a good disc hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed …. He can stand on his own with out a any guest apperences , Bringing the soul showing Luke had taken his time on his music. Him having longivity in the business….

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