UB Reviews: Keith Sweat Returns with “Til’ The Morning”

His debut and now classic album “Make It Last Forever” sold more than three million copies, producing four R&B hit singles, including “I Want Her,” which also landed at #5 on the Pop charts. The album stats also include a nomination for the 1989 Soul Train Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Song of the Year award. Keith Sweat has delivered five straight #1 albums, selling a worldwide total of 25 million records. His self-titled 1996 effort, Keith Sweat, gained quadruple platinum status. His critically acclaimed collaboration with fellow superstars Gerald LeVert and Johnny Gill on the double platinum LSG, was launched a decade after he first landed in the music business. He has thrived as one of Atlanta’s first record industry moguls, building his own recording studio and discovering new artists such as Silk and Kut Klose. In recent years Keith Sweat’s Platinum House, yielded #1 ranking on the Centric network – of which, he was Creator and Executive Producer. On the cusp of his third decade in the spotlight, Sweat has almost become a genre unto himself, his pleading ballads a mainstay of radio’s “Quiet Storm” format. As if in acknowledgement of that, Sweat hosts the #1 night time nationally syndicated radio show, “The Sweat Hotel”. The live call-in program boasts 3 million listeners exchanging dialogue with Keith about majors of the heart.

Now back with his eleventh album Til’ The Morning” (eOne), Keith is ready to reign at the top of the charts once again! The album starts with the mid-tempo “Candy Store,” a jam about being back in the day, reminiscing about meeting your first love. The late great R&B crooner Gerald LeVert appears on “Knew It All Along” along with LSG‘s third member, Johnny Gill. A song about letting a woman know she deserves better than the guy she’s currently dating. “High As The Sun” without a doubt the albums highlight joint and classic Keith Sweat. A romantic baby making ballad, where there is even a reference to another Keith Sweat classic when he sings the line “Who can do it like me…Nobody.” A song any real Keith Sweat fan will appreciate and listen to regularly, once again showing why this man is still here making new music over 20 years after his debut! “Make You Say Ooh,” another baby making classic Keith Sweat joint, by the title it’s self explanatory. The man proves he hasn’t lost a beat when it comes to delivering great R&B bedroom music! Who would of ever pictured T-Pain on a Keith Sweat album, well don’t give the side-eye just yet, “To The Middle” is yet another highlight from “Til’ The Morning,” certified as the only party track on the album, it doesn’t take anything away from the album and adds a great up-tempo addition that will get any party started! The album track, need I say it again? Another highlight from the album, a quiet storm jam about keeping your lady happy until the morning. Although he doesn’t duet on the track, JOE pops up on “One on One” on backgrounds, adding an even better addition to the song. However it’s “My Valentine” where one of our favs Coko (SWV) duets with Keith and the only thing I could think of when the song was playing, is how bad I miss 90’s R&B! From the moment you hear Coko‘s beautiful run in the beginning, you know it’s about to be on! A song about deciding to commit to one, “Are you ready to be my valentine, I’m talking about being my wife. I need you in my life forever,” Keith asks in the hook. A musical match made in heaven!

In case it’s not obvious by my review, “Keith Sweat’s “Til’ The Morning” is a must own for the millions of Keith Sweat fans out there, but even more so an important addition to any music collection of great R&B. Over 20 years later and this album sounds just as good as his debut “Make It Last Forever” which by many is one of the best if not the best R&B album from the 80’s! Make sure you pick up the new album in Stores and on iTunes November 8th!
– Mr. UBG

Make sure to catch Keith as he will perform at this years Soul Train Awards, airing on Centric & BET Sunday, November 27th!

Album In Stores November 8th!


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