Introducing “Rocawear Evolution” with Trey Songz

Rocawear, the leading global lifestyle brand, is changing-up the fragrance game with a new bold and unapologetic scent for men, Rocawear Evolution.

Created in partnership with Elizabeth Arden, the new fragrance is sexy, magnetic, and addictive, embodying the swagger and sophistication of hip-hop culture and assured masculinity.

For the man who believes that forward is the only movement there is, Rocawear Evolution is about doing what has not been done before. It’s about being confident in yourself and the mark you will leave on the world.

Since its launch in 1999, the Rocawear brand has proved its longevity through groundbreaking “ahead of the curve” street-style. Eleven years later, Rocawear has truly evolved with its customer, the music, and the culture. Today, the brand remains at the heart of authentic hip hop culture while becoming even more ambitious, refined and stylish. To embody this progression, Grammy nominated R&B/Soul Singer, Trey Songz is the new face of the Rocawear Evolution fragrance.

Over the past five years, Trey Songz has worked at perfecting his craft, developing the charisma and stage presence of a veteran artist. In the current “singles”-dominated paradigm of the music business, it’s rare for an artist to break through on an early album as Trey has done with his third album, “Passion, Pain & Pleasure.” “We are excited to have Trey as the face of our new fragrance, Rocawear Evolution,” says Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. “He opened for me on the Blue Print 3 Tour to venues full of screaming women. He is the perfect person to communicate Evolution, as he has grown so much musically and as an artist.”

“Progression is key in all aspects of life, especially in your growth as a man,” says Trey Songz. “Rocawear Evolution is for the man that understands the importance of honoring the past, but is confident enough to create and design his own future. I’m proud to personify that message for Rocawear Evolution.”

3.3 fl. oz. Eau deToilette Spray $67.00
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1.0 fl. oz. Eau deToilette Spray $35.00
2.6 oz. Deodorant Stick $16.00
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