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[fredthewriter] Born on the streets of Brooklyn, bred on the power of his pen, one man is living proof that not all veins run warm with blood. Ink — the kind that fuels the pen of a nine year old boy who spent summers studying and scribbling the words of his favorite songs — is his blood. As that boy became a man, letters became words, words became lyrics, and lyrics died and were reborn; becoming the soundtrack of his life. It is a life painted with the music of his multi-layered mind. Within the confines of an unknown studio, adorned with pairs of specs and phones, he disrobes his soul. It is in this altered reality, surrounded by the genius of Hughes and Poe, that the once indelible line between “man” and “writer” turns to dust. The man IS the writer … and the man is named Fred!


[Shaliek Rivers] Legacy in The Making~ In an age of microwave success, and fly by night artists, it’s easy to appreciate those that steadily build a career. With a rapidly growing Internet popularity, an international presence, and a foundation in conceptual songwriting, The Bronx’s own Shaliek embodies the establishment of a new vibe, and the building of a Legacy. With influences like Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Michael Jackson, and Sam Cooke, it was actually a drum-playing father and a singing mother who served as early anchors to Shaliek’s love for music. After winning countless school talent shows and also a multiple winner at Showtime At The Apollo, Shaliek landed the backup singing gig for the legendary James Brown at the 2002 MTV Music Awards. Shaliek was also the opening act for the Multi-platinum Recording Artist Ashanti in Atlantic City. It wasn’t long before industry notables started to take notice and Shaliek signed a record deal with Universal Records. The buzz worthy single “Get 2 Know Ya” featuring Juvenile was birthed from this business marriage and soon after, Shaliek’s vocals and writing ability were both being brought to the mainstream forefront. “I remember dreaming of working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and the next thing you know I’m in the studio with these guys working on my debut album. It was magical”.

For this album, Shaliek also collaborated with big names such as Alicia Keys, Bryan Michael Cox, and The Underdogs just to name a few. A strained relationship with his close team members made it very difficult for Shaliek to fulfill obligations with his record label resulting in the album never seeing the light of day. “I felt like everything I worked so hard for was suddenly taken away from me. I remember feeling lost”. Always one to roll with the punches, Shaliek decided to focus on his other passion, Songwriting and created The Hitterzz alongside fellow East Coast penman Cashus C.R.E.A.M. The Hitterzz teamed up with former VP of Sony BMG, Derrick Thompson. With Derrick as manager, the three of them set out a mission to write for other artist in the industry. The Hitterzz eventually landed “One Night Only” On Day 26 No. 1 Debut, Forever In A Day, which opened doors for other placements that followed. While he remains dedicated to his writing team, Shaliek decided to pick up where he left off. “I owe it to myself and the people that were riding for me and supported my every move. This is for us”. Shaliek is now on the road to fulfilling his dream to touch the world through his music. Fearlessly, in a world of uptempo radio songs, Shaliek decided to pay homage to his musical heroes Michael Jackson, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Cooke by releasing “The Perfect Storm”, a song that the ladies will love and the fellas will appreciate. “I want my music to do what music did back in the day. I’m going for timeless”.


[Chino Stringss] *Some people search much high and low for their “calling”. Others couldn’t run from it if they tried.*

When 23 year old Brooklyn native Chino Stringss,
first picked up a guitar over five years ago, he had no idea that the chords he would strum would reverberate throughout the rest of his life. Much like his idol, Prince, Stringss soon discovered he possessed an innate and almost supernatural ability to play numerous musical instruments without even an inkling of formal training. Today, Stringss is an artist untethered by creative constraints. In the studio, he seamlessly transitions between his roles singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Chino, the singer, possesses vocals reminiscent of another of his idols — wide range crooner Maxwell. Though talented enough not to be, Stringss has remained humble and hard-working. More than ever before, he is ready to turn his staff paper dreams into reality.


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[audio:|titles=Perfect Storm]
Shaliek Rivers – Perfect Storm

[audio:|titles=Friends With Benefits ]
Chino Stringss – Friends with Benefits

[audio:|titles=Space ]
Shaliek Rivers – Space

*All songs are written by fredthewriter and produced by Chino Stringss*

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