“Moesha” The First Season: Coming to DVD

CBS DVD and Amazon’s CreateSpace are teaming up to bring Moesha – The 1st Season to DVD finally. The release date is to be announced, however you can pre-order via Amazon.

Brandy Norwood stars as Moesha Mitchell, a head-strong; young woman who juggles romance, school and family life. At every turn, Moesha – along with her friends and family – experiences hilarious new challenges that come with adolescence. The Mitchell family is made up of Frank, a car dealer and devoted dad; Dee, a dedicated educator as well as a wife and stepmother; Myles, a pre-teen with boundless curiosity and cynicism; and Moesha, who is in the midst of shaping her own identity.

Life is never dull in the Mitchell household as Moesha squares-off against her new step-mother, Dee, and tests her friendship with the boy-crazy Kim in a cheerleading squad try-out. The laughs and drama continue as Hakeem‘s new love interest threatens to come between him and Moesha. Watch as Moesha accepts life’s challenges on the road to becoming a woman seeking out the advice of Andell, owner of the local; teen hangout. With her unique sense of humor, Moesha continues to charm over a decade later in this 4-disc set including special features from Entertainment Tonight and the Rolonda talk show.

Coming to DVD Soon!
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