ReWind: Xscape’s “Traces of My Lipstick” with Kandi started ReWind on our e-zine site years ago. Moving forward we have decided to bring the feature back! With ReWind we will take you back to a year & focus on a CD release. With commentary from the UBGteam & the artist!

Xscape | Traces of My Lipstick (1998)
(So So Def)

Traces of My Lipstick was the third album from Xscape. Released in May of 1998, the album included three hit singles: “My Little Secret”, “The Arms of the One Who Loves You”, and “Am I Dreamin”.

Kandi formally of Xscape Speaks Exclusively to & Shares her Thoughts on The Release! What did Xscape set out to do when recording “Traces?”
Kandi: Sad as it is, we didn’t really set out to do anything but get through it! They wanted us to crossover more with this album, and that would have been great in my opinion. Yet, during negotiations for our third album we found out Tocha wanted to put the group on hold to do a solo album. So So Def decided to sign her but the agreement was she had to do our 3rd album first. It was tension through the recording of the whole album, so getting through it again was what we set out to do. What was it about that album you enjoyed the most?”
Kandi: That was my least favorite album. Not because of the quality of the records because they were great records, but because of the drama that went on during the making of it, and also I did not know what was next for me or the other girls. What is a single from that album you would of personally liked to be released and why?”
Kandi: I didn’t listen to that album a lot it really brings back so many memories. The only songs I can even name other than the two that had videos (My Little Secret & Run To The Arms) are “Hold on to Love” & “Softest Place On Earth.” So I guess one of them could have been a single to me.

< --------Here's What The UBGteam Has To Say-------->

LaRonda (UBGteam): With their third album, Traces of My Lipstick, I think Xscape decided to show the sexier, sultrier side of themselves. The group sounded as good as ever, bringing real soul and passion to their performances. I, however, did find their previous efforts more enjoyable but all in all this record does go hard.

Aries (UBGteam): I was an Xscape fan from the start! The first two CD’s really set a tone for what a young R&B female group could do, specially with the fact they all could blow! With “Traces” it was obvious, the girls were now women and the music reflected that. One thing that remained the same was the fact they all shared lead vocals & that stands out so clear on “Traces.” The music was a tad bit better for the group with songs like “Hold On,” & “Softest Place on Earth.” That CD was one of the best R&B CD’s released that year!

Dhaani (UBGteam): To me I thought this was the best Xscape CD released from their entire career. We received hints of their sexy sides with their earlier releases but nothing of his caliber. To me my favorites from this disc are “The Softest Place on Earth”, and “Your Eyes”. It sums up growth, maturity, and how well Kandi knew to construct songs based on her group-mates singing limitations.

What did you think of “Traces of My Lipstick?”

  1. I thought it was their best album as well, although their previous two are still pretty amazing. Sad to hear what went on with the group during the recording of it, but I’m glad they were able to make it through. Also, wasn’t “The Softest Place On Earth” released as the final single?

  2. Dang I never knew they were already breaking up when they made Lipstick. it was there best one from the other two. I wish they would of lasted we neeed Xscape now!

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