First Look Preview: Brandy – “On My Own” | New Docu-Series


Since Brandy hit the music scene in 1994, she quickly skyrocketed to superstar status. Even though Brandy started her music career in R&B, Billboard music ranked her among the top 20 Pop artists of the 90’s.  With extreme television and music success that has span almost two decades, Brandy is currently at a pivotal point in her career… “I feel that I only have one last shot to make it back to the top and I need to make the decisions that will & affect the rest of my career!”  Hungry and on the grind, can Brandy make it back to the top of music world?

Stay Tuned!!!


New Brandy RumorFix Interview Preview – “No More Reality TV!”


  1. Brandy is someone who has multiple talents and its always showed through her acting roles and music. Im very optimistic that she will not only make a huge music return but that she will regain her spot on top as one of the top black female entertainers of our time.

  2. Awww I cant wait, she almost made me tear up when she said this is my last chance. I know she got it in her to “kill it”. I cant wait, is this on a network or just online?

  3. Bran is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists to ever enter the music industry. No modern female artist can touch her voice or her incredible ear to hear harmonies and ornamentation. She is also a gifted actress and songwriter. Not only those things, but she is a phenomenal woman and mother. Hopefully, people will get a chance to get to know these things about her in this series.

  4. I am so ready for Brandy and can’t wait to see what she has in store. Also I can feel the emotion and felt teary eyed on what she was saying. I like the production of this video. Crosses fingers. Love you Brandy

  5. OMG.!! I’m geeked.!! SHe hungry again.!! She gone kill it.!!! I can already see.!! Imma be tuned in without a doubt.!!!!

  6. Brandy the only thing i dont agree with is you saying its your last chance, Baby you are BRANDY, YOUR IN A LEAGUE ALL BY YOURSELF!!!! Period, and you can make music forever because u are love and people appreciate your grind and your talent, that can never be denied!!!! It will have your Starz, have you back 110%

  7. WOW!! I’m loving this! Looking forward to this docudrama! and will be ready to support Brandy in any way a fan can!


  9. Brandy, haven’t U noticed how U have been charting Ur own course over the last several years of your life. By this I mean….everything U have been saying and singing abt is starting 2 manifest. U no the pwr of words! With that said, my prayer for U is that U refrain from making negative statements abt your talents & your God-given Gifts. 2 say or even think this is your “last chance” 2 do well & be back in the game is a huge mistake. Pls retract the negative statements. U r more gifted & powerful than U realize. I know things have happened in the past to make U doubt your own self worth; but trust those trials & tribulations/persecutions were ordained by God to humble U.

    E’one who believes in God in Christ Jesus goes thru a humbling period, especially ppl like your self who have been blessed with fame & fortune. I voted for & watched U faithfully DWTS, & I believe U have been humbled not because of the injustice of DWTS, but because of the way U carried yourself thruout the competition & the gracious way in which U accepted the loss of ur place in the finals. Trust Brandy, the entire DWTS experience proved & showed the world wht U r made of: strength, resilience,powerful, genuine & generous, kind, heroic, beauty in/outside; u r a tru role model & in a class all by urself. On DWTS, u held to a standard (dress-wise) that didn’t even cross the mind of most. U r on ur way up, come what may, & U have 2 believe that. This is not ur “last chance,” only the awesome beginning of the latter phase of ur life. Ur latter shall b greater than ur 1st & I pray will include MC as I believe he is your divine soulmate; Y’all 4get abt the haters; I believe there is a miracle surrounding the 2 of u. Just keep on believin Brandy; enuf already with the negative. Much Luv and Success in all ur endeavors. U deserve it.