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The average up and coming rapper’s debut boasts an impressive history of thousands of mixtape downloads and viral video spins. But Houston’s newest son, 22-year-old Lil Playy, opted for a grander introduction. Although his first mixtape, “Tour Bus Muzik,” has yet to be released, Lil Playy has already penned the infectious hook to RIAA certified platinum single, “My Chick Bad.” He also has the honor of being the first rap artist signed by entertainment executives—the legendary Suzanne de Passe and heavyweight producer Rodney Jerkins. Impressed with Lil Playy’s talent, the pair formed a joint partnership between their companies de Passe Jones Entertainment and Darkchild Productions.

The success of “My Chick Bad” put Lil Playy on the national map. Soon after, Madison introduced Lil Playy to his business partner Suzanne de Passe and, together, they signed Lil Playy to the de Passe Jones Entertainment roster. The duo introduced their new artist to super producer Rodney Jerkins, with whom he connected immediately, recording more than 30 songs. The works impressed Interscope Geffen A&M head Jimmy Iovine, who brought Lil Playy into the label home of superstar acts such as the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and Eminem.

Not wasting any time, Lil Playy is currently working on an EP which will be released later this year. Its lead single, “Birthday Dress” (featuring Koma), will serve as the perfect summer anthem. In addition, he recently released his “Tour Bus Muzik” mixtape, helmed by Jerkins’ Darkchild Productions.

Lil Playy recently spoke to Tishelle of for our “Interview Series” and talked about his new mixtape, how Ludacris ended up with “My Chick Bad,” signing with Rodney Jerkins, working with Kelly Rowland and more!

———————————– You recently dropped your mixtape “Tour Bus Muzik,” tell people why they should download it for those who haven’t yet?
Lil Playy: It’s a Summer Banger, its feel good music. “B.B.M. (Bigger Better Moneyy)” is created a huge buzz for you. What made you go with that single for your debut?
Lil Playy: I’ve been using that for a while, BBM.. It’s not BlackBerryMessaging, is Bigger Better Money, so I just went w/ that. How did you hook up with Rodney Jerkins?
Lil Playy: My manager actually took me to him personally, and when we first me we got to work. We actually recorded like 7 songs that day & that’s when I got signed to Interscope. Tell us how “My Chick Bad” came about and how Ludacris ended up with it?
Lil Playy: I had finished up a session with The Legendary Traxster. I wrote the hook, but I had never finished verses, Ludacris was recording with him & he played it for him & he bidded on it & I sold it to him. You recently worked with Kelly Rowland for her new album, how did that collaboration come about and how was it working with Kelly?
Lil Playy: I met her at Darkchild, she’s on my album on a song called “Good Good”, & I’m on her’s on a song called “Work It Man”. We’re both from Houston so we kinda just vibed instantly. When can fans expect your debut album?
Lil Playy: The date hasn’t been confirmed, but we thinking around school time. Who are some for the people you plan to work with or have worked with for the album?
Lil Playy: Like I said Kelly so far, I wanna work with Lloyd, Chris Brown, & I really wanna try to get Kayne on something, so we’re trying to work that out. Outside of music, is there anything else you’re working on?
Lil Playy: Just been pushing this mixtape, and working on the album, working hard on it. Anything else you want to leave your fans with?
Lil Playy: Follow me on Twitter @lilplayy, download the mixtape if you haven’t already. I’ll definitely be touring soon.

Check Out The Premiere of Lil Playy’s New Video for “Birthday Dress!”


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