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At just 21 years of age, the creatively named Kirko Bangz has worked his way to hip hop notoriety with his buzzing single currently making a splash on his hometown airwaves and abroad, thus landing the former Prairie View University student a record deal with powerhouse music label Warner Brothers.

With the DJ Drama hosted mixtape blazing the streets now, Kirko’s been gaining a foothold in the talented Southern rap scene. A young Kirko began his rap career at the age of 15, due in part to the rapper witnessing his single mother’s struggles. Kirko used his mother’s pain as motivation for his music, keeping his music mostly to himself while thrilling high school classmates who came to recognize the low-key Kirko as a lyrical talent.

Upon graduation from high school, Kirko went on to the same college legendary producer DJ Premier attended, Prairie View University. It was there that Kirko began to really plug in to his craft, culminating to the 2009 release of his first mixtape Procrastination Kills. Getting the attention of fellow student and now manager D Will, the pair worked together in getting Kirko’s fame and name up to recognizable levels.

Kirko Bangz recently spoke to Aries of for our “Black Music Month Interview Series” and talked about his hit single & remix “What Yo Name Iz,” his collaborations with Brian from Day 26, “Procrastination Kills and DJ Drama,” his favorite rappers, influences and more!

———————————– The “What Yo Name Iz” remix is hot how did Bun B, Big Sean & Wale jump on the remix and did you ever think the song would blow you up the way it did?
Kirko Bangz: No I definitely didn’t think it would blow up the way it did. As far as the remix goes, we had alot of names out there and we selected the guys on it and they were generous enough to accept and work with me. So that’s how it happened… I’m also really feeling your single “Toast to The Life” how did you hook up with Brian from Day 26?
Kirko Bangz: Brian is from Houston also, so we had to make that collaboration together. We’re cool, that’s my homeboy. Tell people about the “Procrastination Kills” mixtape series for those that don’t know?
Kirko Bangz: Well the name comes from my partner, when I was going to college, my boy Tony Remariz had a clothing line called “Skinny Guy.” What that means is something, small, skinny or limited there is always room to grow! And he had these shirts called “Procrastination Killed The College Student” it was real heavy around school and I was one of those dudes who wore slogans (t-shirts) or whatever. So I had started getting into the music thing and was like I should name my mixtape that. So that’s where the name came from. “Billy Badd Ass” & “Billboard Bangz” are two of the hottest Hip-Hop records I’ve heard this year. How was it putting together the latest installment of the series with DJ Drama?
Kirko Bangz: Thank you, appreciate that dude! And that was a blessing. I always tell the story of how two years ago I was waiting outside a club in Houston for four hours. To give him my mixtape and now to be working with him and have his number and he’s a homeboy as well, is just crazy. That’s a blessing. He’s a real cool dude & I appreciate him helping me out! How did you get the attention of Warner Bros. Records?
Kirko Bangz: Oh man, just grinding dawg! I had the single out here buzzing and that made them come look for me or whatever. But when they seen that I could actually rap and I had real music and had talent, they were calling. So I think that’s where it came from. You started making music at 15, where did your passion for music come from?
Kirko Bangz: Just alot of the stuff that was going on in my life man. I’m a private person so wasn’t the type of person who could talk to people and be like this is going on at home, I want this shirt, this girl don’t like me, etc. I just rap about it! Being from Houston, do you think it’s easier or harder to break into the music industry?
Kirko Bangz: I don’t have the Houston sound that I typically hear alot. So I don’t know, it’s like a gift and a curse! I go to other areas and they say you don’t sound like you’re from Houston and that’s good. But in Houston they want that Houston sound, I think I work it out pretty good. What do we have in store from your debut album?
Kirko Bangz: Oh man I don’t know (laughs). We’re working, I’m gonna make sure it’s amazing. God willing, but right now we’re just working towards another mixtape and putting the album to the side man. Trying to get a better buzz first before the album. Any dream collaborations and who are some of the producers you want to work with?
Kirko Bangz: Oh hell yeah, I wanna work with Kanye, Pharrell, I wanna work with Wayne and Eminem! That’s my favorite rapper. As far as the young cats like J. Cole and Drake. I’m really into the young cats and the music they’re putting out right now. I gotta be apart of the team man! I really like your lyrical flow on all of the songs I’ve heard, who are some of your influences?

Kirko Bangz: Most def Eminem, I think that’s where I get talking about alot of stuff about my life from and stories and things like that. I listened to alot of east coast rap coming up, so I would have to say that. Not just in music but in life. Like Allen Iverson is one of my biggest influences. Just because he was one of them dudes who had so much heart! He won’t let people break him down. For Black Music Month: What are your top 3 essential albums you must have with you at all times or in easy access of?
Kirko Bangz: Man I got an iPod full of instrumentals (laughs). I got the Tupac in there. I don’t have Eminem in my iPod dawg, but that’s one I need to have in there. I don’t be having time to put albums in it alot. And I would say for last ummm I don’t know man. It would be a mix of all my favorite songs! Outside of music are you working on anything else?
Kirko Bangz: I think I’m about to be in a cartoon/game on Facebook or something. I don’t know how that’s gonna be or turn out (laughs). But besides that nothing else right now, but the music. Any last words for your fans?
Kirko Bangz: Hit me up, listen to my music and talk to me on Twitter @KirkoBangz!

Procrastination Kills Pt. 3” — [download the mixtape now!]

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