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For some quitting is an option. For others perseverance and diligence is the only choice. Profound diligence is exactly what has kept R&B quartet One Chance together over the years. This foursome is comprised of group members Jon Gordon, Rob Brent, Courtney Vantrease and Michael Gordon who joined forces in Chicago, Illinois nearly a decade ago.

The group began their journey in Chicago, after they finished high school. After creating a buzz in their hometown One Chance was formally introduced to the world when the group got their break when they performed for Usher, who then signed them to his label, US Records and later had two features on the soundtrack to the motion picture “In The Mix.” That would lead to the group to releasing the “Snap and B” single “Look At Her,” which featured rapper Fabo of D4L. The success of the single afforded One Chance to the opportunity to perform as a part of the nationwide BET sponsored Scream Tour. However with all of the buzz, their debut album “Private” never got released and the group is no longer represented by Usher.

Now in 2011 the Atlanta based R&B group is with T-Pain, who was a long time supporter of the group and after a impromptu performance the artist signed the quartet to his Nappy Boy Entertainment imprint shortly thereafter.

With a new team and new outlook on the music industry, One Chance is confident and excited to be on their way to creating some of the same magic that their inspirations have done in the past.

One Chance recently spoke to Tishelle of for our “Black Music Month Interview Series” and talked about their new mixtape, their hot single “Cowabunga,” signing with T-Pain, their musical influences, growing up in Chicago and more!

———————————– You guys just dropped a new mixtape “Ain’t No Room for Talkin”, tell us about it.
Jon (One Chance) : Pretty much self explanatory, its one of those fun records. Ain’t no room for talking, we talk about things that happen in life general. Alot of people do alot of talking and need to do more listening.

Courtney (One Chance) : Or do more doing than talking! Actions speak louder than words. “Cowabunga” is creating such a buzz for you guys right now, and you just released the video, where did the idea for that song come from?
Jon (One Chance) : Well creatively we were just thinking, pretty much Rob came up with a melody. From there after hearing the melody, we just came up with the concept of surfing and feeling on women, so we intertwined the two!

Mic (One Chance) : And we’re also fans of “Ninja Turtles” kinda old school. They always say cowabunga and totally awesome. That just struck us and made us decide we wanted to do a fun song. That’s never been done before, that will be crazy for the summer time. And introduce this whole new crazy thing, that many ain’t use to. Like surfing and things like that. Just to intertwine it and make it relate to women, just to everybody!

Jon (One Chance) : And black people surf too, that’s the other reason (everybody laughs). You guy are signed to Nappy Boy now, how did that come about?
Jon (One Chance) : pretty much the way that happened is because we had did some records with T-Pain, years ago when we were signed with Usher. We went to a party of his and we were free agents. So we sat down with him and we decided to collaborate together and here we are! When can fans expect the new full length album?
Rob (One Chance) : Well right now, we’re just going to work this mixtape and the single “Cowabunga” and get the right promotion and marketing. Try to build it, so we can put out that real album. So right now we’re just trying to get our music out and people listen to what we have to offer.

Courtney (One Chance) : And we’re going to work that mixtape to death! Who do you guys want to work with on the new album as far as producers?
Mic (One Chance) : It’s cool to work with a whole lot pf producers right now. But I think it’s better to try to stick to your sound. And stick to a certain amount of producers that are working for you. Because right now I feel like the industry is going back to camps, like when they all use the same producers within that camp. We would love to work with people like Timbaland and R Kelly, people like that. But right now we’re going to stick to working with T-Pain, District Nine and Young Fire. They all produced on our mixtape. We’re open to work with anybody, even up-coming producers, long as it’s hot! How do you guys think growing up in Chicago prepared you for a career in music if at all?
Mic (One Chance) : I think growing up in Chicago prepared us to watch out for the
snakes (everybody laughs)! In Chicago you learn how to maneuver over all different kind of people. And you get taught alot of things about the streets. This music game has it’s ups and downs. I know for me personally, it’s taught me that.

Rob (One Chance) : Also in Chicago it’s more soul driven (all members agree), we’re Midwest but alot of our people come from the south, like Mississippi. And it’s also real singing driven, I mean we use to sing on the L. During the Holidays when there is alot of traffic, you can get out there and practice your talent as well. Rain, sleet or snow. Who are some of your influences?
One Chance: R. Kelly being from Chicago, he’s a musical genius also T-Pain and not because we’re signed to him or know him personally or anything, he truly is one, very musically inclined. Sam Cooke, Boyz II Men, Jodeci and The Temptations.

Courtney (One Chance) : The Five Heartbeats even though they wasn’t a real group, that movie was crazy (everyone laughs). For Black Music Month: Each of you tell me your favorite album of all time?
Jon (One Chance) : Man let’s see..
Courtney (One Chance) : My favorite album is “Confessions” by Usher. I would have to say I like that one best out of anything.
Jon (One Chance) : Boyz II Men’s “II.”
Mic (One Chance) : R. Kelly’s “R” album.
Rob (One Chance) : I agree with Jon, Boyz II Men’s second album. If you guys wasn’t singing, what do you think you would be doing?
Jon (One Chance) : I would probably be in the NFL or the NBA. I don’t know (laughs). Some type of sports field.

Mic (One Chance) : I think I would be a male gigolo. I’m thinking about taking it up on
the side (everyone laughs)!

Courtney (One Chance) : A cop or detective, I need to be in power
some type of way and they have some of the most power.

Rob (One Chance) : I think I would be a cook. When can fans expect to see you guys out on the road?
Jon (One Chance) : Coming to a city near you!

Courtney (One Chance) : Very soon. We want to go to all of the places we haven’t gone like Minnesota. If we can get this buzz up and get everyone to tell a friend to tell a friend “Cowabunga” is the hottest things in the streets. Then we’ll be there! Any last words for your fans?
Rob (One Chance) : Yeah we just want to thank everybody, like you for doing this interview and looking out for us! And thank all of our fans for having our back and continuing to follow us. Follow us on Twitter! Follow & we’ll follow back. If you got hot tracks you can get them to us on there also.


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