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Superstar Lil’ Mo returns to the game with the summer single “On The Floor” and a Remix featuring Fat Man Scoop on HoneyChild Entertainment Inc./ Bronx Bridge Entertainment, Inc. The album will be released this Fall 2011 through Fontana Distribution entitled, “P.S. I Love Me.” The Single is available on iTunes!

Lil’ Mo is also a proficient songwriter, she has collaborated with other renown artist such as Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Fabolous, Ja Rule, Keith Sweat, Black Street, Bow Wow, Kim Burrell, among many others. Her first two studio albums, Based On A True Story and Meet The Girl Next Door, produced the hits “Superwoman (Part II)” and “4Ever” which both featured Fabolous. Lil’ Mo released Pain and Paper in 2007.

Lil Mo recently spoke to Aries of for our Black Music Month Interview Series about her new mixtape, up-coming album, her love for Missy, career obstacles, Twitter, where the title Godmother of Hip Hop and R&B came from and much more!

———————————– You recently dropped your new mixtape, tell us about it?
Lil Mo: Well “PS I love You” is the prelude to the album “PS, I Love Me” which will be out this summer, lord willing in July. I call it an appetizer/sampler for the fans that have been waiting the last four years to get a piece of me. On this mixtape, I’m literally giving you a piece of me. Alot of people have been like, I want more. That’s the purpose of a mixtape (laughs). You’re suppose to want more like the album and you’re suppose to feel it and be like Mo you better not leave no more because we’re going to get ya (laughs)! You showed mad love to Missy on “Big Sister” on the new mixtape. I also hear she is going to be on the new album?
Lil Mo: Yeah, far as the love for Missy. I got a call and an email and it was very heartfelt. Because sometimes you pay accolades to people and you don’t look for a thank you or anything in return. But she sent me an email and was like this is too much to tweet to say or to even put on a social networking site. I want you to know personally that out of all the people that I have ever worked with, nobody has ever done this for me and she was in tears. I asked her why she was crying and she was like alot of people wait for you to go on to glory before they really express how they feel for what you’ve done. And letting the world know how you feel, that if it had not of been for you there would be no me. But really, in retrospect everybody knows if God didn’t allow it then it wouldn’t of happened. But for us to link up the way we did I’m talking about like 1999, I had a beeper back then. And she was like do you want to go on tour? That doesn’t happen, no demo, no phone conversation, she had just heard my voice on some of the records that I had wrote. We’ve been rockin every since. That’s totally Gods hands over that situation & I’m so excited and thankful for it. That’s what has kept me going all these years. In a everyday industry where people aren’t real friends. Yeah that’s love, because I’ve been a fan since “5 Minutes” I remember when that song first came out.
Lil Mo: Ayyy! I be telling people about that video, I be like watch the “5 Minutes” video and I bet y’all didn’t know I had a chipped tooth in that joint! I saw it the other day and was like no, when I got that first check didn’t I go and get that mouth fixed! I don’t play (laughs). Tell us about “P.S. I LOVE Me” & what us fans can expect?
Lil Mo: I would say this is one of my most personal albums. Alot of people love “Based on A True Story” & “The Girl Next Door” because those were the introductions of me. But because I was under a much more corporate structure back then it was like start the album and have it in by blah blah. I always worked with my friends and people I was close to because it was like a no brainer situation. It was like let me do the first single, put Fab on it and let’s go! But now I switched up the formula, alot of people saw me with everybody else and alot of people like me by myself. So that’s basically what I’m doing, meaning that from concepts to delivery it was all of what my team said do. Now with my team, we produced the whole album under my imprint Honey Child Inc umbrella. The title basically is because to me singing is basically preaching. Don’t sing about something you’re not living like, because people will hear what you say but they will look at your life. So I was thinking about me being in the industry and me taking breaks and I really got to know who I was and what I wanted to be. Alot of times I felt like people were out to try to make me out to be something I wasn’t. So I felt the best way to give the best of me was to love me first and when I love me then you’ll love me and you’ll love you! And for those that didn’t know what I’ve been going through for these last four years, I let it all out with this album. And it’s more intimate because I recorded it in my own studio. On my own time, I wasn’t rushed, I wasn’t pressured or forced. Anytime you don’t force something it just feels so much better. I’m singing down in the heavens like never before. I really get to sing, people be like you over-singing. I’m like what do you mean, you must really can’t sing because there is no such thing as over-singing! I’m very passionate when I sing, so it may sound like I’m over doing it. Bust trust, whatever I do on record, I can do live as well. It’s just that serious, I’m really on a mission for real! What was your biggest obstacle while recording the new album?
Lil Mo: I’m really quick when it comes to being in the studio. I would rather sing on UStream or whatever, I hate going into the studio. So just to get me in the studio was a gift from God anyway (laughs). But when I record it’s just me and the engineer and that does eliminate negativity, outside influence or everybody trying to act like they’re about to get a piece of the song. But like some of the songs I’ve done, I did with with Dawn Richard of Dirty Money. On Dirty Money you see her singing more staccato stuff (starts to sing a piece of Dirty Money’s “Ass On The Floor”) know what I mean. On my record she is singing, like alot of people didn’t know she could sing down! Like oh my god, she freakin kills! Like her mixtape is great, my husband executive produced it. We’re creating a sound, so we can’t let everybody around it. That’s almost like letting everybody in your bedroom. My studio sessions is like my bedroom, just very intimate! Not anything nasty or nothing before people start saying she be lighting candles and devil worshiping, none of that! But it’s personal and I feel if I don’t love it, y’all are not going to love it. There are some things that do slip through the cracks, but I do really have to go into this zone and I don’t want everybody around it. I might start crying, throwing stuff, because I start thinking about the words of the song and will be like oh hell no (laughs)! “Based on a True Story” will always be one of my favorite R&B albums.
Lil Mo: Wow, thank you! No problem, take us back to that time. What was the best part about recording that album?
Lil Mo: The best part was thinking this album is never going to come out. And when it did, it felt like I gave birth to my first baby. I was so happy and just so glad to be apart of the industry. I finally got a record deal and I had already been on tour and this just doesn’t happen. So it just felt like the Church girl finally got a taste of the world. I loved it and I didn’t go so far out there that I got lost in the songs. It also helped me find out who I was at that time. I had the color braids and tattoo’s, so when you saw me you was like man she gonna come out here sounding messed up. But people said I had a voice like a angel when I look back and listen to “Time After Time,” “Superwoman,” “Ta Da” etc. I ain’t trying to be funny, but I was singing a little something back then (laughs). I feel I can sing better now then I did back then. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this business?
Lil Mo: The biggest lesson is this is business! It’s like high-school to me, it’s business. People think you go to high-school to meet friends, no it’s business. Do your work to get by. Like people come and go, but this is my job. I’m not here to do anything else but sing, heal, uplift and then go home. Because alot of times I would put myself in a situation where I wouldn’t associate with people. And they didn’t mean me any good. So I realized the only friend you truly have is Jesus! As well as family and the people who genuinely love you. People that will tell you the truth! People in this business will lie to you in your face and laugh at you behind your back! But it doesn’t bother me because I’m a jokester. So for every laugh people try to have on me, I got ten on them. I’m a beast with it. I follow you on Twitter so I know (laughs).
Lil Mo: See (laughs). And what people don’t realize is that is the censored version. I could really blow up peoples spots, nothing surprises me anymore. So when people be like girl..I’m like don’t bring me no gossip because that’s late news. So anything people talk about, I have heard about, seen or God sent me a dream about it. I be like I knew it…I’m a mess (laughs)! You recently joined the cast of “The Color Purple” how was that experience?
Lil Mo: It’s been on the road a year and a half and I was with them for two weeks. They were doing like one show here and one show there and when they came to DC they called m to be apart of the cast. 16 shows and that was one of the best experiences in my life since I’ve had children. So to get a call to do it and I was originally the Church soloist, they literally added throughout the play. No audition, just someone telling them y’all need to get with Lil Mo when y’all get to DC. They called me and came to the table with the paper work on time. I was like woo woo woo woo! And ended up selling out 14 of the 16 shows. It’s unexplainable, now the only thing to do is a Tyler Perry movie or one of his shows & I’ll be happy. For Black Music Month – What are your absolute top 3-5 favorite songs & or artists?
Lil Mo: It’s crazy but I’m going to tell you what puts me in a great mood. Justin Bieber’s acoustic album. When I say I rehearse to that boys voice. People think he’s cute, new kid on the block but people don’t know, that boy is anointed. He has the voice of an angel. I’ve seen his movie and heard his albums. I’ve never met him personally and I don’t know what they instilled in him but that kind of ethic doesn’t happen to everybody. And to come and to have favor over everybody, from women, to men just to everybody! People are so fickle and I’m pretty sure, just anybody that hates on him can just…kill ya self! That boy is just really anointed. So yeah, Justin Bieber’s album. I’m actually listening to because my husband did a recording the other week on a gospel artist, his name is Otis Barrels. Everybody who came were so humble and pure. He’s a gospel artist, his name isn’t buzzing yet. But mark my words, he is going to do big things! His song “Walk By Faith” is out now. Who else, that’s two…I like Jason Derulo, I listen to his whole first album, weird but I practice to him. Brandy’s “Full Moon” album, there isn’t a song on it you have to skip. Brittney Wright another new artist, she has an album out but she’s also down with my camp. I like to see people in their beginning stages and be like yeah they’re going to be big! So I might as well be their friend now because once they blow up, they don’t know you & I will make sure I talk about them on Twitter, yuuup! But these are the ones I’m entrusting my ears with, to me ears and eyes are the windows to the soul for me. These are people who have my heart. “The Lil Mo Show” in D.C. has been poppin for years, what’s the best part about being a radio host?
Lil Mo: Well as of now I took a hiatus from radio because I realize that when you do radio and in your region you can’t play your music. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know but it’s the politics. So when it came to my contract to be up, because I only did one year I decided to take a hiatus. And I went out with a bang! Ryan Seacrest is #1 and I was #2! God is good! Where did the name Godmother of Hip Hop and R&B come from?
Lil Mo: I made that up because I’m real motherly, I just have a naturally caring heart. That’s how I was brought up. So with care and nurturing comes discipline. So if I see someone going too far, like don’t touch that stove it’s hot! That’s how I am in the industry, I know how to be hot, I know how to sit down, I know my rank. As much as people want me to sell millions of albums I would love that. But I’m afraid, not of the success but once you do that, you have to be able to surpass that. If you don’t people will say you fell off. But in reality they didn’t, you just have to recognize the shift and changes in the industry. I’m the overseer and the Godmother is the one who says I want you to make it happen and then I want you to come back with a well recording, if you don’t I won’t be pleased. And if I’m not pleased we’re going to cease and desist the situation. So it’s basically one of my controlling aspects of me being me. Everybody has a title, Mary is the Queen, Faith is the First Lady, Coko is The Voice and I’m the Godmother. Like I oversee and I respect everyone that has come before me. What’s next for Lil Mo after the release of the album?
Lil Mo: Lord willing, we’ll be touring. Alot of good things came when I was on Tom Joyner, so I’ll be doing the Family cruise in Orlando. I’m excited about that. Because there was always alot of associations that I always wanted to partner with. So with this I’m so grateful because he could of been like no she’s too ghetto, she’s too hood. But him and his family were very supportive on the boat telling me you can sing, we love your energy, etc. Anything that you need, we got you! When you hear those words in the industry, you don’t take them for granted. So I’ll be doing that, and right now I’m doing alot of promotion & some shows. I’m also performing at DC’s pride, I think Kelly Rowland is as well. I’m going to come and give the kids life! I just love certain events where it’s going to be a lot of people, and they get to see me and these are like my real fans! I can’t wait! Still going to Church to Church letting them know God is able to do what he said he will do! I’m really making sure that I don’t disrespect or desecrate anything that God has put in my hands. Because man can’t give and man can’t take it away. So just keep looking out for me. Any last words for your fans?
Lil Mo: PS I Love You, PS I Love Me! Anything they want to know updated, even though I tweet alot, alot of the time I don’t know my schedule. I have perfumes out and I know one line came out and those were just samples. And we sold out of those, I think we just made 100 and people have been asking for more. So we gotta get some more out & I work with a husband and wife team who does the perfumes, so I have to approve them. I have allergies so imagine I was up there sneezing. This perfume “PS I Love Me” is great. We’re going to do a funny parody commercial. I’m gonna be like “PS I Love Me because this is the only perfume by a celeb that don’t stink (laughs)!” We are crazy! My whole team, we just want to make everybody smile, hear some good music and eat some good food! And just sit back and feel like one big family reunion. So anything anybody wants to know go to my site and you will be entertained. My blog is messy, but my life and my heart are pure. It’s just all one big ball of fun!

  1. I enjoyed Lil Mos interview a lot her energy and personality is bananas! I wish her the best with her new music I’ll be supporting.

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