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Keke Wyatt, perhaps the finest R&B vocalist of her generation, burst on the scene with two breakthrough hit duets with Avant at the tender age of 18 and seemed on her way to stardom. An acknowledged vocal talent and married to her manager with whom she had started a family, it seemed as though she had the best of both worlds. But fate had other plans for her as both her career and personal life became difficult, leading to eight years of personal and professional exploration. Keke endured domestic abuse, which resulted in a notorious stabbing incident that played a role in losing her label deal. She recorded two separate unreleased albums for two different companies (the last one going bankrupt on the eve of the album’s release), and struggled to redeem both her artistic and personal life.

She finally re-launched in 2010, separating from her husband of ten years, moving with her four children from her home state of Kentucky to Atlanta, releasing a comeback album, Who Knew? and ultimately finding true love. Making up for lost time, Keke Wyatt’s third album “Unbelievable,” captures the full range of her talent, as she is joined by special guest vocalists Ruben Studdard, Kelly Price and Tweet.

Keke recently spoke to Aries of for our Black Music Month Interview Series about her new album “Unbelievable,” her reason for remaking classic R&B music, her up-coming reality show, who inspires her musically, her favorite songs she’s recorded and much more!

———————————– Let’s start with the new album, the album is amazing I really like it.
Keke Wyatt: Aww thank you, I really appreciate that. That’s my goal that’s what I was reaching for. What goals did you set for yourself for this project when you started?
Keke Wyatt: To make sure people got real good quality R&B music. Which is straight up missing right now. And to give myself what I want to, I want to hear some good quality music. What made you want to modernize the songs you chose to remake on your current album?
Keke Wyatt: The same way people want to give themselves some boot cut jeans. Like I always tell people boot cut jeans ain’t nothing but some bell bottoms honey that’s it. And to hear some good songs. Sometimes you want to hear the same songs but done a little different. Like Michael Jackson did (sings hook to “Human Nature”) then SWV did it and that was hot. Now look at Chris Brown now. So it’s like a good song is just that. Hot is hot! Do you know what the next single will be at this point?
Keke Wyatt: I think it’s going to be “Mirror,” even though I love “Tap Out” & “Love Uses Time.” Yeah “Tap Out” is my favorite!
Keke Wyatt: That’s what everybody is saying, I just did an interview and the guy said the same thing! So Hum, we might have to put that one out. Your album “Who Knew” was one of the best R&B albums released last year.
Keke Wyatt: Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! “Weakest” was my favorite from that one.
Keke Wyatt: Mine too! And “Daydreaming.” What is your response to the fans who were frustrated by it’s lack of promotion?
Keke Wyatt: Well really the last one was me basically trying to give my fans something. And if you’re a true fan you’re going to find out I got
something new, because you’re going to check up on me. So I really don’t care about promotions or lack of or whatever. I’m the last one to care about that, I just wanted to give my fans something to hear. So that’s what I did. I’ve been hearing about this reality show with some other female artists, can you tell us about that?
Keke Wyatt: Yeah, we’re looking to get that up and running later this year. I think it’s going to be good. It’s just going to be basically showing us as mothers, singers, divas whatever you want to call it on stage. Just to show we’re just like everybody else. We go grocery shopping and our babies try to pee pee on us while we’re trying to pay the cashier. I don’t really want to drop names yet on who will be on it until everybody’s contract is signed. You spoke earlier about the current state of R&B, what do you think can be done to get it back to where it was?
Keke Wyatt: People can go buy all of Keke Wyatt’s albums (laughs). You know if people start buying it, we’ll sing it. I mean we are out here, we’re just waiting for people to buy our albums. I recently caught your performance on the Mo’Nique show and you were great, when can fans expect to see you on the road?
Keke Wyatt: Thank you, since the summer time is coming up. With summer people like to be out and party, so that’s always good. So soon. For Black Music Month: Who are three artists who inspires you musically?
Keke Wyatt: I have to say Donny Hatheway, Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle! Off the top of your head what are 3 of your favorite songs from your catalog?
Keke Wyatt: I have to say “Nothing In This World,” Weakest,” “Tap Out” and I will add “Love Uses Time.” I’ve been seeing you on Twitter more and more lately, so is it safe to say you really enjoy interacting with your fans on there?
Keke Wyatt: Oh yeah I do, it is what it is (laughs)! Is there anything else you’re working on you want to tell us about?
Keke Wyatt: Yeah, there is stuff in the air. And there is talk about me doing the movie of Phyllis Hyman. That would be great! Do you have any last words for your fans.
Keke Wyatt: Please go pick up the new album “Unbelievable” (In Stores Now), thank you so much for your support! God bless!

  1. The interview is nice and a interesting read….. She always says R&b isn’t the same anymore . Rhythm and Blues is still around some people don’t want to support the none house whole names…. I’m picky but not that picky when it comes to supporting that artist or group duo disc…. The person not a house whole name in the industy does not mean that person music is not good….
    Keke performed good on Monique with Ruben, he grown into his voice on the song….. I can’t get into all her songs. I wish her the best with her career other things she has gone on with her life…..

  2. She spoke the truth Tish it is a dying breed and not much real rnb is being released.Keke is buying her new cd today!

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