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Today for our Black Music MonthInterview Series,” UrbanBridgez introduces you or better yet, updates you on P Diddy Starmaker contestant Melody Angel!

With all the passion and soul Melody Angel has earned a legion of fans across the globe. From her stint on the hit MTV show P Diddy’s Starmaker to her YouTube videos. This is an artist you don’t want to miss. Melody Angel grew up on the South Side of Chicago. At age 7 she discovered Rock and Roll when her mother showed her Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” music video. After that she was hooked and started playing any instrument she could get her hands on, the guitar, bass, piano, and drums.

Melody started performing at open mic’s and street corners; anywhere was a good place to play as far as Melody was concerned. Melody dedicated herself to developing her songwriting skills and quickly became a crowd favorite. Her self-titled debut has been eagerly anticipated and will be dropped later this year 2011. However, Melody isn’t all music. She is also an advocate for the youth. Working with the disadvantaged youth is high priority and is a message she has included in her music. She equates perseverance and against all odds, she made Music her life.

Melody recently spoke to Aries from about what she’s been up to since “Starmaker,” her up-coming album release, growing up in Chicago’s Southside and much more!

[LISTEN] Melody Angel – “The Death of Me“[audio:|titles=Melody Angel – The Death of Me]

———————————- What have you been up to since “P. Diddy’s Starmaker?”
Melody Angel: I’ve just been working on music, writing, recording and talking to anybody I can. About moving forward with my career. Trying to get a team together. Let’s talk about the album, what would you describe as your sound?
Melody Angel: It’s basically a rock album, I know usually when somebody black does Rock – it has to be like a fusion type of thing. But it’s really not, Rock-N-Roll was based off of a couple of black guys. Like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Bo Diddley. When Rock-N-Roll first started it already had soul in it. It already had funk, R&B and blues. So it’s really not ridiculous for somebody black to do Rock. I’m trying to get people to see it’s not strange, this is how it started. Which can be hard because alot of people don’t know their history. Do you have a wish list of people to work with before you finish up?
Melody Angel: Well no, not this one I’m not even equipped to even have a wish list. So this time I really just have to prove myself and show the industry that this could work. When can fans expect the first single from the album?
Melody Angel: Actually I put out a song called, “We Still Hold On” on iTunes and made a video for it. I’m just going to be putting songs out, testing the waters and then drop the album to get the word out about myself. You play alot of instruments, which one or ones are your favorites?
Melody Angel: Well I started out playing the drums, then I saw like Michael Jackson with Slash (Dirty Diana) and then “Purple Rain.” So I was like nope I gotta get a guitar. And my guitar is actually purple also. As an homage to Prince (laughs). How do you think growing up on the Southside of Chicago prepare you for a career in music?
Melody Angel: Just being tough and having a thick skin. I think is the biggest thing that we have to have to survive a day in this industry. And on the Southside they pull no punches. They talk about you, try to start fights with you, try to put you in stuff you wasn’t involved in. You just gotta have a clear mind and thick skin. I think it’s helped me alot. Yeah I have family from Chicago and I use to visit the Southside every summer. Me being from Minnesota it use to scare the crap out of me over there (laughs)!
Melody Angel: Yeah don’t look at nobody too long (laughs), that’s all I have to say and stare nobody down. They might take offense (laughs). What are your long-term goals in entertainment field?
Melody Angel: You know I’m a simple person, I think I’m pretty much old school when it comes to the music industry. Today it’s more like I want to have a fashion line, I want to do this and that. But for me, I just want a tour bus. I just want a bus with my name on it and go from show to show. That’s like my goal in life is to be on a tour bus going from city to city playing music. That’s just what I want to do.

Well you will achieve that!
Melody Angel: Thank you! Any last words for your fans?
Melody Angel: I just want to tell them, that I love them back! They send me letters telling me about their lives, they support me. They’re always uplifting and telling me to keep my head up and to keep going. And I just want them to know that I thank God for them all!


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