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Wynter Gordon has been an in demand songwriter in the industry for years. She got her big break writing the title track on Mary J Blige‘s multi-platinum, Grammy nominated album “The Breakthrough” and has written for artists such as David Guetta, Danity Kane and Jennifer Lopez, whose latest release “LOVE?” features 3 songs written with Wynter (“(What Is) Love”, “Starting Over” and “Everybody’s Girl”). In addition to being featured on Flo Rida‘s hit track “Sugar” she was recently featured on UK releases from David Guetta and the Freemason’s. Her single “Dirty Talk” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Songs chart in the U.S. and was certified 3x Platinum in Australia.

To kick off Black Music Month Interview Series, Aries recently talked to Wynter about her #1 single “Dirty Talk,” her EP, up-coming album, writing for other artists & alot more!

——————————- “Dirty Talk” recently went #1 on the dance charts, so first off congrads on that!
Wynter Gordon: Thank you very much! The video is real creative & dope, where did the concept come from?
Wynter Gordon: You think it’s creative and dope? (laughs) You don’t? (laughs)
Wynter Gordon: I think the video this time was based on fashion, it’s like we had so little time to put it together. It was really a race against time to get it out. I think the concept is basically based on the colors, the hair and different styles. I really didn’t get a chance to put much of myself into it. Tell people about “The First Dance” EP for those who may not have picked it up yet.
Wynter Gordon: It’s a compilation CD of songs that I have done. Songs that I have already released, besides one track. Songs that were already doing well on the charts. So we just put them together for people who wasn’t familiar with my sound so they could get them all in one. What can we expect from the full album later this year?
Wynter Gordon: I like to experiment with the sounds of dance music. There are some retro sounds and it’s really eclectic. Lot of radio songs as well and I talk about more then fist pumping and dancing. It’s a bit more deep and in-depth then the EP. I’m in love with a song that leaked of yours called “I’ll Trade You!”
Wynter Gordon: Really, I recorded that about 4 years ago. Thank you! Will any type of ballads like that be on the album?
Wynter Gordon: I have ballads on there, but not like traditional ballads.They have driving beats behind them, but slow vocals. “I’ll Trade You” is more R&B, this album is very focused. It’s a chapter in my life, it’s a dance album completely. You hit the stage with Bruno Mars, Monica, Keri Hilson and some more for a jam session for Grammy weekend, how was that?
Wynter Gordon: I’ve been working with singers and my peers for a long time. I’ve known Bruno for years. So it was really no different than having like a session. Except I couldn’t remember the words to the song (laughs). I would love to see more artists do more things like that. Getting from behind the studio and mystery of each other and coming together and having fun. We took it to Church! I read you went to a performing arts school, how was it and do you think it prepared you for the career you have now?
Wynter Gordon: It was a confidence booster to go there, because I felt accepted. In school before that I never felt like I belonged. There is all these people who think they have talent and have a different view of the world and we were all piled together and all had that same view. It was very freeing for me. I took a songwriters class that really opened my eyes to songwriting. It had a big effect on my life. It was awesome! Speaking of songwriting, you’ve written for alot of major recording artists as well, where does your inspiration come from when penning a new song.
Wynter Gordon: It comes from anywhere honestly, I can pull from anything or anybody. I can write about anything. I think writing is a gift and if you have it, it just comes. Like working with J Lo and alot of other artists, you just pull from human emotions. We all go through the same things. Who are some of yor favorite current artists?
Wynter Gordon: My favs have to be Robin, Adele, I love Rihanna! I listen to alot of old music. Who are some of your favorite old school artists?
Wynter Gordon: Lionel Richie, Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, I love Celine Dion! What’s next for you outside of the release of your album?
Wynter Gordon: I’m continuing to work with other artists. I’m on tour and have some other performances planned. I’m doing something with Tyga and Chris Brown for Tyga. After this albums comes out, I’ll be branching off and doing different things. Doing more work in the Hip-Hop world, like with Tyga and Chris. I worked with Laidback Luke, he remixed my single “Dirty Talk.” He really helped me gain my following. So just alot of features really. Hopefully this J. Lo albums blows up and it will be a great year! Any last words for your fans?
Wynter Gordon: I have to say thank you seriously! They allow me to do what I do and I’m just so grateful! And add me on Twitter and check out my Blog!


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