UB Exclusive: Tyrese Talks “Fast Five” & Other Up-Coming Projects

If you haven’t been following Tyrese Gibson on Twitter (@Tyrese), you will soon be able to follow him everywhere. Tyrese has a new R&B album in the works called “Open Invitation” and his first memoir is currently in stores while maintaining the #2 spot on the best sellers list across the country. Aside from the upcoming Teddy Pendergrass’ biopic due later this year, he’s appearing in two action blockbusters, ‘Transformers’ and ‘Fast Five.’ The later opens on April 29, and fans and newcomers alike will definitely enjoy this latest addition to the Fast franchise.

Tyrese and the cast spent six days filming ‘Fast Five’ in Brazil. The majority of the film was shot in Peurto Rico and and various interior shots were shot in Atlanta. Tyrese said five-hour energy drinks helped to keep him going during filming both ‘Transformers’ and ‘Fast Five’ simultaneously. “I was very lucky and blessed that the producers let me film both movies at the same time. When asked who he was closest too during the filming of ‘Fast Five’ Tyrese quickly blurted out “Paul Walker.” “That Paul is a great dude. He fought for me to get back in the franchise and I thank him so much for having my back.”

When asked about about the similarities between the real Tyrese and his ‘Fast Five’ character Roman, Tyrese said “I don’t drink and smoke. You’ll never catch me high.” Tyrese also spoke on his rise to success and the difficulty to stay on top. “There’s a lot of people sacrificing their sexuality and their spirituality to get to the next level. I don’t want it. If God’s not in it, it won’t last.” This rule of thumb helps Tyrese on whatever project he’s working on, whether it’s a film or his inspirational new book ‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way.’Nothing has moved me more than writing this book,” Tyrese said. “This is not another celebrity writing a book. I don’t even consider myself an author. I didn’t write a book, I wrote life.”

UrbanBridgez.com asked the successful actor; how can upcoming actors/actresses achieve the level of success that you have accomplished? Tyrese said “learn your craft and never give up. It’s also up to you to surround yourself with like minded people who have the same goals and inspirations as you. If you hang out with a bunch of broke people you will continue to be broke for the rest of your life. Know your surroundings and put yourself in those types of environments that will help further you in your career and life.”

From music to film to inspirational books, Tyrese is a ball in motion that doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Make sure you catch Fast Five in theaters this week and stay tuned for the various other projects from this shining star.
– J. Dot. (UBGteam)

  1. Tyrese was on Steve and the crew morning show yesderday on tv talken about his book Move out of your own way. People do play victim and that what you ordered about your life. I’m a beliver and because you met someone in the church doesn’t mean he is husband or she is your wife. Word said God give some people a gift of singleness and some people a gift of ,marriage.
    In some cases GOD didn’t send that person into your life. you made that decision on your own.
    people are a shame to talk about GOD in puplic me not a shamed to discuss GOD to other people. You should have 5 positive people in your life because these individuals can up lift you at the end of the day….
    Also when you sleep at night does not mean your spirit mind is rested. The spirit mind should be protected whole at the same time, To a point noone can take peace or anything else from your inner circle….

  2. Hey Tyrese! With ur sexy self! I will be supporting your new cd when it drops and will check out the book 2! Best wishes! :)

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