Download: Jagged Edge Releases New Mixtape

Here’s a little something to tide you over until Jagged Edge‘s new album THE REMEDY drops on June 21st! make sure to check out‘s new interview with Jagged Edge next week!

1. Baby
2. I Need A Woman (Snippet)
3. Good Luck Charm
4. Put A Little Umph In It (feat. Ashanti)
5. Promise
6. My Girl (Snippet)
7. Walked Outta Heaven
8. He Can’t Love You
9. You Look Good With Me (Snippet)
10. Lets Get Married
11. Lay You Down
12. Flow Through My Veins (Snippet)

[download] “Love Potion

  1. Not feelin baby? I think thats the name. I am curious to see how the new album goes…Ive been a top fan since the very beginning. Even bought their cd’s 3 times! The ones I loved that is…But I still bought all of the others 2! Stuck with em thru thick and thin. If the rest of their cd is like baby, I will be pissed!

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