UB Review: “Fast Five”

UB Reviews: “Fast Five” (Universal) – April 29th
J. Dot. (UBGteam)

Who said franchises die out at part 5? The Fast & Furious series has had it’s highs and lows, but Fast Five is definitely a high for moviegoers. I didn’t know what to expect going into the screening for the movie, but let’s just say that I was highly surprised at how good this movie was. From beginning to end the action is non-stop. Just when the acting seems to get borderline cheesy, the plague of corny lines is quickly lifted once the entire cast ensemble reunites on screen together. Vin Diesel and The Roc definitely shine throughout the film and Tyrese definitely holds his own as well. Ludacris was a nice addition to the series and his comic relief was well inserted throughout the movie. Great special effects, awesome car chase scenes, beautiful women, the newest cars; you name it and it’s in there.

Make sure you switch over to the fast lane and catch Fast Five when it hits theaters April 29th!

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