Download: Bobby V feat. R Kelly “Words” Remix | New Album In Stores

Bobby V‘s much anticipated new album “Fly on The Wall” is in stores now! Download it from iTunes! Bobby talked to about the new album, check it out if you missed it!

A few weeks ago Bobby V alongside the legendary Bobby Brown stormed “Lopez Tonight” for an incredible performance of “Rock Wit’Cha“. Now another musical juggernaut has joined forces with the Southern crooner for a duet version of the future classic “Words“, the second single from “Fly On The Wall“. Listen as the R&B titans trade verses and take this Pentagon-produced gem to another level. The art of collaboration is still alive and well.

[mp3j track="download@ Remix (031711b).mp3" volslider="y"] Words Remix

  1. R.Kelly blessed it an made it his own! I have no idea why some of these artist that don’t have the super best vocals let that man get on their album? R.Kelly had me thinkin it was his album and Bobby was featured with his non singin ass! I learned my lesson with bobby in the past. His vocals start to hurt my ears after awhile. I just download the song I like and keep it movin. At least I donated my 1.99 or whatever it cost to get the song.

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