Video/UB Reviews: Mary Mary’s “Something Big”

Mary Mary
Something Big
[Sony Music]

Erica & Tina, better known as Mary Mary, are back with their new album “Something Big”. The follow up to their highly successful “The Sound”, this new album falls right in line with what the duo is known for while at the same time, evolving and perfecting their crafts.

Already delivering a Top 10 Urban AC first single, “Walking”, this album is something that every Christian music lover will love and appreciate, no matter if you’re into heavy bass, R&B-like songs, Contemporary, or Gospel.

With every album, Mary Mary delivers a song that becomes their staple worship anthem from the disc. Having songs like “I Try”, “Can’t Give Up Now”, & “Yesterday” in their catalogue, “It Is Well” did not break that tradition. An instant favorite, the track is sure to be played repeatedly. With this album each track flows right into the next.

Stand out tracks are “Something Big”, which premiered at this year’s Celebration of Gospel and whose instrumental is very reminiscent of a Jackson 5 track, other include “Blind”, “Survive”, & “Sitting With Me”.

The album is set to hit stores and online March 29th!

– BryWoo


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