[update] Download: Dawn Richard Drops New Mixtape

Multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Dawn Richard of Diddy-Dirty Money releases one of the most anticipated mixtape releases of the year, “A Prelude To #ATELLTALEHEART”, today, Monday, February 7, 2011. #ATELLTALEHEART is exclusively available on her personal blog, www.DawnRichardBlog.com for a free download.

Later this evening, Dawn will be celebrating the release of her mixtape with an exclusive invite-only “Fan Appreciation Release Party” in the Baltimore/DC area. The release party will not only be celebrated by those in the areas mentioned, but worldwide, as Dawn will be Ustreaming LIVE from her release party via her blog all evening.

“#ATELLTALEHEART is simply a compilation of emotions and feelings that if you were to fall into my heart, this is what my heart would sound like. It’s about my journey, my pain, my redemption, but above all my strength. It’s honest yet raw,” says Dawn.

A few of my many favorite songs include; the heart-felt “Let Love In” – it’s a plea of those who can’t let go of the past and I am simply asking for a second chance. “Bulletproof”, was a song that I wrote right after experiencing the devastation of Katrina. I felt that in this industry everyone had an opinion about me, mainly negative, but in the midst of it all, I am still here and as the lyrics say “bullets hit me but I don’t bleed”. Another favorite of mine is the very personal “These Tears”, in where I was extremely great to “love” but “love” was not so great to me,” she further explains.

Tracklisting for “A Prelude To #ATELLTALEHEART” by Dawn Richard
1. Intro (The Fall)
2. Superman
3. Biggest Fan
4. Hey
5. Me Myself & Y
6. Broken Record
7. I Know (ft. Kalenna)
8. Let Love In
9. I’m Just Saying
10. Superhero (Accapella)
11. Runway
12. These Tears
13. Vibrate
14. Champion
15. Bulletproof

[download] “Rescue Me (Accapella)” featuring R&B Singer Brandon Avery (Unreleased Bonus Song)


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