The Debut of Miss Lawrence

Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, reality TV star and Entrepreneur, Kandi, is proud to announce the release of Miss Lawrence’s “Closet Freak.” Besides her own solo project, Kandi Koated, that was released late last year, Miss Lawrence is the first artist to be released on her new label, Kandi Koated Entertainment. The debut single from singer turned stylist turned Bravo reality TV star marks a return to the world of entertainment for Lawrence, who sang professionally as a teenager, and heralds the beginning of a new wave in dance music.

Written and co?produced by renowned singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss with additional production by industry heavyweight Focus, “Closet Freak” was first conceptualized and introduced to audiences during the latest season of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA). Kandi sought Miss Lawrence out as an openly gay artist whose talent could transcend the issue of his sexuality, while still allowing his openness and self?awareness to break boundaries and inspire fans. “Closet Freak” is the perfect example of that ability.

Kandi states, “I signed Miss Lawrence because of his incredible talent. That boy can sang! Besides that, I thought it was time for the world to, again, recognize talent without restrictions. There hasn’t been an artist with such outrageous androgynous style since Boy George in the 80s. I believe the time is right for Miss Lawrence.” “Closet Freak” has broad appeal. The song applies just as much to the woman whose husband treats her horribly in public as it does to the high school girl who’s best friend is mean to her at school as it does to the gay man whose friend is only his friend at home.

This universality made “Closet Freak” an instant hit with fans, even before they had heard it in full. Miss Lawrence’s first official performance of the song on the January 23 episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” solidified the support he has been receiving from fans of RHOA. It also reaffirms the necessity for his voice and sound in the marketplace. What Miss Lawrence brings to the game is a resurgence of sorts to disco music. Drawing inspiration from classic Soul and R&B artists like Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, and Donna Summers, Miss Lawrence’s soulful, sultry voice harkens a time when Dance and House music were driven by vocalists and not instrumentals. His music also carries a strong message: “You only have one life to live,” he asserts. “Don’t be in the closet in anything you do. You have to embrace your light and who you are.”

While a student at Tri?Cities Performing Arts High School in Atlanta, Lawrence Washington discovered his voice and shared it with the world through Gospel and inspirational music. At 18, after a career that had already taken him halfway across the world, Lawrence decided to shelve his music career to pursue his other passion: the beauty industry. It was through his work as a stylist that Lawrence Washington became Miss Lawrence. It was also through his growing popularity in the beauty industry that he became acquainted with fellow Tri?Cities graduate Kandi Burruss. Years later, the two would reunite as cast members of RHOA, which Miss Lawrence credits as a catalyst for his return to entertainment.

Miss Lawrence is currently solidifying an upcoming promotional tour of the East Coast and Southeast and preparing his foray into entrepreneurship with a new line of beauty products. He is also cooking up a few surprises in the world of media.

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