Film/Download: ‘King of Paper Chasin’ Comes to DVD

Everyone has a hustle… What’s yours? Based on true events, KING OF PAPER CHASIN’ is a powerful urban drama that’s one part

New Jack City, one part The Usual Suspects. After making its world premiere to a sold-out audience at the 2009 New York International Latino Film Festival and receiving a 2010 U.S. theatrical run in the top urban markets, this compelling thriller, written, starring and produced by hip-hop recording artist Dwayne “DL” Clark, makes its DVD debut from Entertainment One this January for $19.98 (or on sale for less).

Brilliantly captured by first-time feature director La Monte Edwards, KING OF PAPER CHASIN’ tells the story of one man’s strategic rise to power – Carter Blanche (DL), a key figure in a ruthless, inner city criminal enterprise – and his efforts to give up his illegal lifestyle and go legit. In an attempt to build his music and business empire and gain respect in corporate America, Carter is faced with deception, betrayal, violence and the self serving agendas of those in his inner circle, including his live-in girlfriend Thaila (Piarry Oriol), who is cooperating with the FBI to build a case against him. In his pursuit of the American dream, Carter must maneuver his way through all of those who seek to destroy him. As he tries to determine who is friend and who is foe, the decisions he makes may cost the lives of those closest to him. Inspired by actual events, this urban crime drama is set in New York City, home to the everyday rat-race where the habitual chase for the almighty dollar never ends.

Also starring Dennis L.A. White (Notorious), Al Thompson (A Walk to Remember,The Royal Tenenbaums) and Sean Simms (Superhero Movie), KING OF PAPER CHASIN’ is accompanied by the self-titled soundtrack, led by the street anthem “KOPC” performed by DL and the club banger “First Klass,” featuring Mona Lisa. In addition, the soundtrack includes productions and collaborations featuring Platinum producer Jimi Kendrix (Jay Z, 50 Cent, R. Kelly).

First Klass” DL featuring Mona Lisa [download]


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