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In celebration of our 5th year anniversary myself (AriesUBG) and the UBGteam will re-post our favorite top 10 interviews we’ve conducted for! Today I start with my favorite ones from 10-6 & tomorrow I will reveal my top 5! Thursday the UBGteam reveals their Top 10! Friday I’ll be posting my first ever blog on the site to celebrate our anniversary, the blog touches on ALOT of things, so make sure you check it out! We’ll also have anniversary drops from celeb friends of the site & much more…. Celebrating 5 Years Online! POW!!!

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10. Dolla
The one thing I remember about interviewing rapper Dolla in February of 2009, is his ambition to show the world that he was a star! Something I realized the first time I heard ‘Who The F*ck is That’ his debut single and ‘Feelin Myself’ which was on the ‘Step Up’ Soundtrack. Unfortunately he would never get that chance, he was murdered on May 18th of that year in Los Angeles.

———- You’re young, but you’ve been in this industry for awhile, tell me about how you got your start?

Dolla: Man I started doing local shows like at High School’s and talent shows and things like that. Then I joined this group and we started traveling and doing the same type of shows just in different states. Then we got a deal, flew to New York and started working on an album. Akon actually worked on the album and after awhile, it got shelved. Me and Akon just stayed in contact every since then. Tell me about your debut album A Dolla & A Dream?
Dolla: Well it’s my debut album, it’s my life through my eyes. It’s a classic to me and the people that I have let hear some of it have agreed. To me a classic is an album that consist of everything, you know. Like a story. I have the club joints, the party joints, the struggling songs, the up-lifting songs, I’m black, so the black pride songs. Just everything that has been apart of my life. I don’t have any features on this album, because it’s my first album. I want people to get to know me first. The single “Who The Fuck is That” is blowing up, what made you go with it for the lead single? Were you a little nervous about getting it played with the title?
Dolla: It just to me was the single to go with. Yeah I have to admit, I was a little nervous about it. I knew also with it being my first single as an artist, some was going to give me hell regardless. So that made it a little bit more uneasy. But it’s been excepted and it’s getting mad love. We went in and recorded the edited version for radio, but you know honestly I have never even heard that version on the radio. I always hear the original version just with the crash sound over fuck. I enjoyed working on that song. T-Pain came up with the concept, Tay the production & I did the lyrics. You know what else? The night we finished the song we took it to Magic City (Strip Club in ATL) and they played it & they loved it. How is it working with Akon?
Dolla: Akon is Big Bro to me man. I’ve known him since I was 12 and I’m 20 now. I’m always excited when I know I’m about to go into the studio with him. Like now, I’m about to go in with him again, I’m finishing the album now and he is going to do about 3-4 more songs, so I’m looking forward to getting back in with him. It’s always a pleasure to work with him, he’s very talented. What if anything do you want to bring to Hip-Hop that you feel has been missing recently?
Dolla: You know what I feel Hip-Hop is missing right now? Substance. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love where Hip-Hop is right now, so I don’t wanna come off like I’m bashing it. I know I was doing an interview the other day and the person said yeah well Hip-Hip is dead and I was like no the fuck it isn’t! Hip-Hop is doing good. I mean if anything I feel it’s missing the story & social awareness songs on albums. Like with a lot of the new artists, I can listen to their albums and then soon after that I forgot it and them. When people listen to my album, they’re going to remember me and remember the music, because I touch on so many things it’s not all about the same thing. ATL is defiantly the hot spot for talent, what separates you from some of the other Hip-Hop artists that have emerged from there like T.I., Outkast, etc.?
Dolla: Oh Shit, let me first say I think T.I. & Outkast are incredible. As for me, on my album the songs are about me. Really, I should of just named the album, Me! The songs are about everything I’ve dealt with and went through. From growing up till now. If there is a song on my album, it’s something I went through or saw with my eyes. I’m talking about when I party, the life I have lead and the things I have seen, dawg I even talk about me having sex on my album. It’s just all me and my life. Who were some MC’s that inspired you coming up while you were creating your own style and format?
Dolla: Man it’s so many, I have to say Andre3000 is my favorite MC. T.I., Jay Z, Pac, Scarface, 8 Ball & MJG, just really all the greats. I have to say I listened to Cassidy’s latest album and he’s hot too. You took a trip to the Playboy Mansion I see on your MySpace, how was that experience?
Dolla: Man that was the sh*t! As you seen in the pics, man I took my brother, my cousin and a bunch of niggas from the hood. I tried to get as many extra tickets as I could get. And I mean real niggas from the hood, just so they could experience that with me. It was wild, we had a good time. When can your fans expect to see you on the road?
Dolla: I’m actually on the road now. Like four days a week and 5 shows a week. You know how a bunch of rappers be saying like I ain’t dong no promo tour, ain’t no money in that. I’m like fuck that! I am doing all the promotion I can do, in every market I can. I want people to see how I look, act, talk, dress, sound, everything. So they know who I am and remember and see what I do. Any last words for your fans?
Dolla: Hit up my MySpace page (, it’s really me that responds to your messages. Check me out on Rap City, I filmed it today. I hosted one day and I’m the guest on another episode. I did the Black Carpet as well for BET. One Rap City airs Saturday and the other March 4th. Me on Black Carpet airs March 6th. I want to thank my fans because if it wasn’t for them and their support, I wouldn’t of been able to do those shows. I also wanna big up all the people at Jive and Konvict for their support and hard work. Oh yeah and I’m #2 on 106 and Park, that’s a good look, thanks to the fans for that! Oh yeah, I got a new mixtape about to drop also! I want my fans to know that this rappin sh*t is my life, it’s for real. It’s not no pretend sh*t like with some of these dudes. I do this sh*t for real!


9. John Legend
John Legend makes my list due to personality & talent, just a really cool guy to speak with and not to mention he invited me to his show in Minneapolis shortly after and I learned he’s also a terrific performer. This interview took place in 2008 around the release of his third album release ‘Evolver.’

———- All of your albums have been different from the previous, but at the same time kept the same John Legend formula, what kind of album did you set out to record with Evolver?
John Legend: It’s hard for me to set out to record a certain type of album, so I really just start it and see what happens. Once I get in the studio it’s always a collective collaboration with me and the people I work with. I’m always out to do something fresh and new. So once we start working, we just see what happens. Why the title Evolver?
John Legend: Well it’s kinda like you just said, I always try to be different from the previous album, so with the title I thought it was different. As well as it defines the album and show’s my growth. What’s the next single?
John Legend: We just shot the video for Everybody Knows, so we’ll be releasing that next. Then we’re shooting the video for Quickly with Brandy next. Brandy’s actually one of our favorites, how did that collaboration come about and what was it like recording with her?
John Legend: Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to actually record with her in the studio. I thought she would be great for the record and she was. Brandy is one of the best singers of our time. I thought she would fit well on the track so we reached out to her. She sounds so perfect on the song, she killed it! I knew she was about to release her album soon, so we thought this would be a perfect way to get her back out there a little earlier. We recently spoke with Jon B and he said you inspire him as an artist, who inspires you?
John Legend: Oh real cool! Man it’s so many people like Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles to current artists like Kanye West. All those artists are very creative and I get something from them all. What’s been the best and worst parts about your success?
John Legend: The best part is doing what I love to do everyday. Just being able to perform on stage and creating music. I don’t know what the worse thing is. I think maybe the fact is people expect you to continue to do what you’ve done in the past and to continue to be just as successful. It pushes you. Now that Obama is our President elect, you actually performed at the DNC, how was that experience?
John Legend: It was really inspiring. With him winning now, it’s wonderful! Just with how our country has been and now to have the person in office, we pushed so hard to get there. It feels so much better. I’m proud of the work we’ve done. What’s the best advice Kanye has ever given you?
John Legend: He always tells me to push myself harder. It’s just really good to have a person on your side that helps you bring out the best in you. His advice has made me a better performer. A lot of people are looking forward to your brother Vaughn’s album, can you share any details on it?
John Legend: Oh yeah, he’s going to be opening some dates for me on the tour and his single is going to be dropping really soon. What kind of show can fans expect when you hit the road later this month?
John Legend: Man just a powerful show! The band this time around is great! We’ve just put together a great all around show this time. I think the fans are really going to enjoy it. Just the blend of how the music flows and the band is much better then before. I know you’re performing on Dancing with The Stars soon, have you been watching the show this season?
John Legend: Actually no, I haven’t watched the show. I’m looking forward to the performance. I’m performing with dancers in a choreographed number. That’s really different for me, so I’m excited. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
John Legend: When is that (laughs)? No but I just enjoy relaxing and doing the norm like having dinner and a movie. Any last words for your fans?
John Legend: I’m so grateful for how supportive they’ve been for me so far. I’m very excited to be hitting road this month and meeting them!


8. Karen Clark Sheard
I’ve always been the biggest fan of Karen Clark Sheard, so when I was given the chance to interview her for her 2006 release ‘It’s Not Over’ I jumped at it. She was such a pleasure to speak with, so much that this will always be one of my favorite artist interviews!
——- What made you go with Favor for the first single?
Karen Clark Sheard: It wasn’t my choice. It was actually the labels choice. I pretty much agreed with them. That’s a powerful word for the day. Favor of God. What makes this album different from the others?
Karen Clark Sheard: I have a passion, one of them is having my 16 year old son produce on it. I mean he was producing me and telling me what to do (laughs). It was amazing and he really knows how to produce, I was just so proud. I’m proud of my children, it’s like the torch has been passed to the next generation. My next passion is Israel Houghton, he’s so smart with music. Also just working with different producers. Aaron Lindsey who worked with me on my live session. They make is much easier to worship and praise and what better people than Israel and Aaron. My cousin also J Moss, he’s wonderful. It was said that you still took vocal lessons, after the release of your last album. Do you still take them now?
Karen Clark Sheard: No that’s not true. I never did voice lesions, that’s so untrue. I’ve never heard that rumor before. I mean someone has asked me if I warm up and yes I do sometimes before I go on stage. Like exercising my vocals, but not lessons (laughs). Does it feel blessed to be signed to Word over Elektra, wasn’t Elektra trying to convince you to do tings you didn’t agree with?
Karen Clark Sheard: To a certain extent. I mean I did love and appreciate the promotion Elektra did in the main stream market. There was a point I wanted to do something and they wanted me to do something else. I didn’t agree with the direction they wanted me to go in. What do you think of your daughters music (Kierra)?
Karen Clark Sheard: She is so Godly, I am so proud of her and her brother. Just seeing that makes me proud and seeing them everyday. The thing I love about her and whatmade it easier to allow her to get in this business. Is she has a sincerity for God, that’s what makes me support what she’s doing. She loves God, she’s very active in the Church. Tell me about when Mary J. Blige invited you to her show? And what do you think of her current success?
Karen Clark Sheard: How did you know about that (laughs)? It was an experience, a different experience. It was a Sunday night and we were going to Church. Then I got this invite. I told my Husband, I got invited to this Mary J. Blige concert tonight, I don’t know how you are going to react, but I want to go. He was like how is that going to look, but he understood and let me go. She was performing and then she invited me on stage, I didn’t know she was going to do that. So I go up there, I can’t think of the name of the song right now but one of hers. I just got on stage and took it to Church! I turned it into a gospel song (laughs). Not too long after, Mary started crying, people told me later people in the audience were crying. I was like wow! I mean it just proved you don’t have to compromise, I did what I do. She looks up to me, which is something she told me and that’s a blessing to have that. It’s very encouraging. When God gives me something, I am led in the direction to make the right decision. Church folks were at the concert, saying what is she doing here? But I did what I do and didn’t compromise who I am and you should be able to do that. Any truth to the rumor that you have recorded a new song with Missy and Faith?
Karen Clark Sheard: No, not anything new as of yet. I am recording with Mariah Carey soon. It’s still in the process and it’s for her album. How does it feel to have vocally inspired all the singing young female R&B singers? Singers such as Shanice, Faith Evans, Kelly Price among others all count you as an inspiration. Do you hear Karen-isms when you listen to them?
Karen Clark Sheard: I do hear a lot of me in Faith. Also in Mary, she loves Twinkie (Clark Sisters), she told me. I do hear a lot of us in them, it’s really an honor by them being these mega stars. They look up to us and it’s very encouraging, to know what I’ve done has made an impact on their lives. Them admiring our vocals and hearing what they’ve had to say has encouraged me. We’re always criticized for working with secular artists. We’re just doing what we are called on to do. We’re still doing what we’ve been doing, we’re ministering, talking about God. We’re the artists these stars have grown up on and to see them still worshiping, is refreshing. Are there any plans for a DVD release with this project?
Karen Clark Sheard: Yes we just recently did a DVD, it’s in the process of being put out. Who would you like to collaborate with?
Karen Clark Sheard: Aretha Franklin. I’ve always looked up to her for years. She’s the greatest, I’ve did tributes in her honor and she has called me for shows, but I want to record with her. You know as I’m telling you this, I just remembered I am recording with her soon. She asked me to be on her new gospel CD and we’re going to work on that soon. What’s next for Karen?
Karen Clark Sheard: Right now I’m writing a play, doing a movie. It’s going to be the story of the Clark Sisters. From the roots all the way down to my son and daughter. Any last words for your fans?
Karen Clark Sheard: I want to say to all of my fans. Thank you for your love and support for all I have done. You guys make me who I am, if it wasn’t for you supporting me, my work would be in vain. You keep me moving, hearing stories from my fans, motivates me to keep going. With all of the negativity, my fans keep me going. I hope I can continue to have that effect on you and continue to be anointed!


7. T.I.
T.I. is always a pleasure to speak to, my first interview took place with him after the release of his 2nd album ‘Trap Musiz’ & I’ve been a fan since the debut album ‘I’m Serious.’ However with this interview for the release of his 2007 release ‘T.I.’ vs TIP’ so much was going on in the room when the interview took place, I just really thought it was cool of how Tip handled it all and still gave a great & very humorous interview!

——- Congratulations on all of your success & for still holding down the #1 album in the country!
T.I.: Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. What was the hardest obstacle you faced while working on T.I. VS T.I.P.?
T.I.: Really with T.I. VS. T.I.P. I just really tried to stay consistent with the whole concept of the album. Without the music really going over peoples heads. I just wanted to deliver, basically just pick up where I left off with KING. I like the hidden message in Tell Em I Said That, what inspired you to write that song?
T.I.: Really it’s just how I feel. A lot of artists just tend to provoke a lot of shit. Shit they won’t go through themselves, but will rhyme about it in their songs. They don’t even qualify to speak on half of the stuff they be saying. Basically just being hypocrites. I can actually say that about them, because I actually know these kats. And they be getting the kids all enthused and juiced up on shit these niggas won’t even do themselves. But they’re saying in their music to do it. What’s the next single?
T.I.: Right now I’m not sure as of yet. But I do know the next two singles will be T.I. singles because the first was two T.I.P. singles. Matter of fact I’ll let you pick the next two singles, what do you think they should be? Again I gotta say Tell Em I Said That, because that’s one of my personal favorites & maybe Touchdown, that song is tight as well.
T.I.: Thanks man, appreciate that. What happened to the song with Ciara that was to be featured on T.I. VS. T.I.P.?
T.I.: I don’t think Ciara’s management.. (laughs). Let me just say this, we didn’t get all the clearance for the song before it was time for the release to come out. Being a fan since “I’m Serious” with each release, I feel you’ve showed a lot of growth as an artist. Going back to “I’m Serious” what was the best part about recording that album?
T.I.: Thank you! I remember I was just so amped & eager to put it out! I remember feeling like there were so many people in the position of putting out albums that I felt I was better than. So I had this big ass ego, like yeah it’s my time now. That’s most likely why it didn’t blow up (laughs) because I was so amped to show how good I was. But really I just know now that I was before my time. Every since then I have learned to just pace my self with each release and let everything happen and now I’m a success! What are your top three favorite songs in your catalog?
T.I.: Man my top three songs in my catalog? I can’t even choose (laughs). But I got my family and friends here with me, so I’ll ask them. (T.I. asks the people in the room) – Dope Boyz, 24’s and What You Know. Them was all the first three singles I came out with for three of the albums (laughs), and that’s a coincidence. Them ain’t my top three favorites, but I still love y’all (laughs). I gotta add Rubberman Man and Bring Em Out, which still does it’s job till this day. I’m T.I.P right now, but them is T.I.’s favorites. Last year Kanye said rap artists should stop with the homophobic lyrics in their music. What are your views on homosexuality and Hip-Hop? Are you aware of your gay fanbase?
T.I.: I’m aware & I really have no views. I feel what you do is what you do and as long as you’re respectful of me and mines, I have no problem with anybody. Lyric wise there’s no need for homophobic lyrics. Artist wise, there is no place in Hip-Hop for a gay artist. I mean no bashing at all, it’s just history has proven that it won’t work. What can fans expect from your up-coming Scream tour with Ciara?

T.I.: They can expect the unexpected (laughs). Just the legend in the foundation that has been laid. An hour of me, an expansion of the BET & MTV performances. Just action packed! I’m not stopping at nothing, there’s gonna be pyro lights, just all kinds of stuff and expect a Boom! There’s gonna be surprise guests, exclusives, just the whole nine. It’s going down, bottom line. Expect to Scream! Is acting something you always wanted to do or did the opportunity just come about?
T.I.: Man I’ve always been the class clown. Just very theatrical even before I got into music. I got famous because of music, but I was always someone people would say, you should be on TV. Just a really silly person with a personality that made people interested in me. I would always go the extra mile to make people laugh. How was it working with Denzel Washington on American Gangster?
T.I.: It was a phenomenal & honorable experience. Beyond anything I expected, I’m like an intern in the film industry. Denzel is a legend. I mean from Denzel, Cuba Gooding and Russell Crow. To work with all them phenomenal actors and who are proven actors was just a pleasure. This is only my second film, so it was a great experience. What’s the most played songs in your iPod?
T.I.: Man I don’t even have an iPod, can you believe it? But I got an iPhone (laughs). It’s sad cuz I ain’t even got no music in it, I just use it as a regular phone (laughs).

Pass The Mic is a new feature of some UBG interviews, where an artist we recently interviewed asks a question to an artist we’re scheduled to interview!
Pass The Mic (J. Holiday): What’s your take on the current state of Hip-Hop?
T.I.: Who’s J. Holiday? (A few of T.I.s friends start singing J. Holiday’s “Bed”) Oh I know that song, I like it. I’ve only heard it once so far. As for Hip-Hop, I think it’s in the best place right now and in the worst place right now. It’s in the best place right now because Hip-Hop is bringing a lot of new business to the industry. It’s putting new leaders in place as executives to make positive changes. So many new ways to earn revenue from Hip-Hop. From all kinds of shit from ringtones, sponsors, it’s just so many ways to get money. Movies, the whole nine. The worst place right now is because so many people are downloading music. So that is making it harder to sell a record. Who are some of your favorite singers, if you have any?
T.I.: Umm Robin Thicke, Marvin Gaye (in a soft voice) and Beyonce’. What artist would you like to work wit in the future that you haven’t already?
T.I.: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Outkast, Robin Thicke, Scarface, I already recorded a song with him, y’all just aint heard it yet. Man, just a lot of people. I wanna work with Jill Scott, Alicia Keys. I think I’ve recorded with most of the rappers I wanted to, so now it’s just some R&B artists. I really wanna do something with Ronald Isley, oh & Dr. Dre. I think me and 50 Cent will be really interesting as well. Any last words for your fans?
T.I.: Thank you! I feel like a lot of people have always considered me the underdog. And thanks to my fans who have believed in me from the start. The ones that have been consistent and have argued with the critics telling them I should be here, it’s due to them that I am here. My fans gave me the name King and just coming to my shows, the record stores and just for all of the support. For that I thank you and I really appreciate it!


6. Kelly Rowland
Without a doubt one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever had with one of my favorite singers, Ms. Kelly Rowland! This interview took place in March of 2007, before the release of her sophomore solo release ‘Ms Kelly.’ It was my first time speaking with her, but after awhile it seemed like we had known each other for awhile. She has the best spirit and like her former band-mate Michelle Williams, always keeps you laughing! One of my all-time favorite interviews and not just because she said she’s going to name her child (when she has one) Aries:)

——– Tell me about your new album “Ms. Kelly” and who is Ms. Kelly and how is she different from Kelly of Destiny’s Child?
Kelly Rowland: Dang that’s like five questions all in one (laughs). (laughs)
Kelly Rowland: Well let’s see, the new CD took me a year and a half to record. It’s really a great CD and really hot! I got some great producers on it like Scott Scorch, Polo Da Don, some new producers out of Los Angeles, Kenny and Charlie and let’s see Soulshock and Karlin. Some great writers like Sean Garret, Solange and of course myself. The difference from DC is that this is me, this is Kelly Rowland, not Destiny’s Child. What do you want your fans to walk away with, after they hear “Ms. Kelly?”
Kelly Rowland: When they listen to this album, I want them to walk away hearing that I’m a woman now. A new woman. I’m so happy and excited about this album. When people hear this album, I want them to hear me for me. Not Kelly from Destiny’s Child, but Kelly Rowland. Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect Destiny’s Child, but with this album I want to stand on my own. Still In Love w/ My Ex, is a fan favorite as well as mine, are there any plans to release that single in the near future?
Kelly Rowland: Really, you like that one? I love it to death, I love the adlibs you do towards the end of it.
Kelly Rowland: Hello! (Laughs), I think I got a singer on the line (laughs)? Do I? (Laughs) I’ve done a little somethin’, somethin’.
Kelly Rowland: I knew it (laughs)! But thank you so much! I love that song as well. Still In love w/ My Ex was actually the fourth song I recorded for this project. I wrote it as well, it was one my best writing experiences ever. I was in the studio with Soulshock and Karlin and we had finished a song. I like that song as well, but I wanted to do something else with them, because I’m such a huge fan of their work. So they played that track and I just loved it! Then all of a sudden I just started singing (singing “still in love with my ex”) I was like where did that come from (laughs)? So I wrote the lyrics and it all just flowed so good. I was thinking maybe I’m giving up a little too much info in the song (laughs), but I love it. Hopefully it will be a single. With Destiny’s Child and Beyonce’ being so successful over the years, do you feel any added pressure with releasing your sophomore solo album?
Kelly Rowland: Nope! The reason being is because I’m a different person. Destiny’s Child is one thing and Bee is herself. I’m myself. I want it to be successful and all, but I honestly didn’t feel any added pressure this time around. I just went in to make a great album. So now all I can do is put it in God’s hands and hope it’s a success. And I’m going to promote the hell out of it (laughs)! Have you had the opportunity to congratulate LeToya on all of her recent success and do you have a favorite song from her CD?
Kelly Rowland: Oh yeah, I have actually! I did last year, but I got a chance to do it again this morning. I did a phone interview with a station down in Texas and she was in the studio. We spoke briefly. I congratulated her on everything and she wished me all the best with this project. It was really nice, I’m so happy for her. My favorite song, hum I have to be honest. So let’s see, I’ll say Torn. I really love that song. I love when she sings “apart of me” (laughs). But I also like the one she has with the rapper & the other one she had a video for (She Don’t). What do you think is the biggest misconception about Ms. Kelly?
Kelly Rowland: Wow let’s see, the biggest misconception about me? Well that’s hard Aries because you know opinions are like A holes, everybody has one. But let’s see, I honestly don’t know right now. That’s a hard question, let’s talk more and come back to that one (laughs). What is it like to be Kelly Rowland outside of the music industry? What do you enjoy doing when the cameras aren’t rolling?
Kelly Rowland: I just love to sit back on the beach and just chill! Or just chill at home or at my best friend Barbara’s house and sit back and drink margarita’s (laughs). Oh I love to cook also. Well I try (laughs), I like watching the Food Channel to get ideas on stuff to make. You have impressed me more than once with your acting skills, when will we see you on the big or small screen again?
Kelly Rowland: Well first off thank you! And hopefully it will be really soon. I have to work out some things and just see what happens. I’ve had to turn down something’s unfortunately, because of working on the album and this has been my main focus. I do believe however,. what is meant for me is for me and what’s not, isn’t. So when it’s the right role for Kelly, I’ll be doing it. Do you have any touring plans for the summer?
Kelly Rowland: Yes! I want to be on a tour so bad! I can’t wait. I’ve already been working on routines (laughs) and just the whole thing. I’m so excited about touring. Nothing is confirmed yet, but once it is, you’ll know about it. I’m looking forward to doing shows. Any last words for your fans?
Kelly Rowland: Yeah, thank you so much for the support you guys have been showing this project. I know the dates have switched and been changing, but you guys have stayed by my side and I appreciate that. I read what you guys say on my site as well as this one and other sites and the love is just so wonderful, so again thank you. And thank you as well Aries for your continued support, I really do appreciate it! It was a pleasure, continue success and I can’t wait to hear “Ms. Kelly.”
Kelly Rowland: Thank you, I have to ask you is your real name Aries? Yes it’s my real name (laughs).
Kelly Rowland: That is so cool! Is that your sign? Yep and my birthday is in two weeks.
Kelly Rowland: Really! Wow that is so cool (laughs). I think when I have a child, I’m going to have to think of naming them that (laughs). But it has to be like Aries, it can’t be like Sagittarius or anything (laughs). (Laughs), definitely, please do that! Continue success Kelly!
Kelly Rowland: Thanks Aries, bye!

Stay Tuned Tomorrow I Will Reveal My Top 5 & Most Are Going to Be Surprised At #1! Then Thursday; The Top 10 Favorite UBGteam Interviews!


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