Tiffany Evans Premieres New Music Video ‘I’ll Be There’

Tiffany Evans’ big voice can shift a building from its foundation. The petite, soft-spoken young woman, who is refreshingly polite, is at first seemingly like any other teenage girl. She knows the latest dance moves, spends much of her time on Twitter and lives for fashion. However, that’s where teenage similarities end and the wonderfully complicated, talented world of Tiffany begins.

Now 18, Tiffany is hard at work in the studio recording material for her much anticipated sophomore album. Newly managed by Mathew Knowles, CEO of Music World Entertainment, her album will be released on Music World Music, a joint venture with Columbia Records. The first single is the breath-taking ballad, “I’ll Be There.” With the opportunity to chronicle her life through her music, Tiffany has taken songwriting to a deeper level with one objective: to intimately connect with her fans. “I know I was born to sing and I know I have a gift from God but what good is my gift if I can’t inspire, heal and relate to my fans? All of the struggles, separation from my family and tough times, made me who I am today. It’s time I share my story; I’m ready to share my story.”

Tiffany Evans new album is slated for release in the spring of 2011.

Watch The Video for Tiff’s New Single “I’ll Be There” exclusively on MySpace!


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