First Look: JOE To Release First LIVE Album (Cover + Tracklisting)

JOE’s first ever CD+DVD. His female fans are now going to have JOE the way they’ve always wanted him, all to themselves. They can have a private concert anytime they want…

JOE never quits! Constantly on Tour in the U.S., doing Radio interviews and making Television appearances, JOE is poised to be the urban contemporary concert show to beat! Touring with label mate, Keith Sweat, and other major urban acts, JOE is noted for his sophisticated performances and true musical gifts, making this the concert CD+DVD the one to have… JOE LIVE FROM JAPAN IN Stores & Online November 23rd!

First Look: Official Tracklisting!
1. Where You At
2. If I Was Your Man
3. Why Just Be Friends
4. Miss My Baby
5. We Need To Roll
6. My Love
7. Stutter
8. Ride Wit You
9. Let’s Stay Home Tonight
10. I Wanna Know Acoustic Medley
11. All That I Am
12. No One Else Comes Close
13. Worst Case Scenario
14. All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)
15. Good Girls
16. Majic (Medley)

DVD features Concert plus 3 music Videos & 2 Bonus Christmas Videos!

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