First Look: Avant’s ‘The Letter’ Cover + Tracklisting

Singer and songwriter Avant will release his sixth studio album The Letter on December 7, 2010 from Verve Forecast.

“A letter is what you write to people to tell them what’s going on in your life,” says Avant. “This album is a letter from me to my fans of what’s going on in my life, what’s going through my head and my struggles as a man.”

After becoming the first artist to sign to NBA legend Magic Johnson’s Magic Johnson Music, a then 22 year old Avant released his debut album My Thoughts which went platinum and featured the top 5 Billboard R&B Hip Hop single “Separated.” Avant followed up the success of My Thoughts with the release of his sophomore album Ecstasy in 2002, which went platinum as well. His string of platinum success continued with 2003’s Private Room and the release of The Director in 2006; which featured “Lie About Us” with Nicole Scherzinger and “You Know What,” featuring Lil Wayne. Avant has also seen several Top 5 R&B singles including “Making Good Love,” “4 Minutes,” and “Read Your Mind.”

Official ‘The Letter’ Tracklisting
1. Graduated
2. Hot 16
3. Kiss Goodbye
4. Had Enough
5. Body Police
6. Nightlife
7. Your Body is the Business
8. Wake Up
9. That Dude
10. Where Did We Go
11. Walking On Water

Avant – Kiss Goodbye by ThinkTank Digital

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