UB Spotlight: Ron Isley Preps ‘Mr. I’ With Help from T.I., Lauryn Hill & More

has the scoop on Ron Isley‘s first album in three years, Ron is back never missing a beat. Stronger then ever with his trademark instantly recognizable sound that has influenced generations.

For this all-important occasion, Ron brought in some of today’s hottest producers including Greg Curtis, Kajun and Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart: ‘This is my first time working with all of these producers and each of them has been able to capture what I’m about musically. All of them are so into the music of The Isley Brothers, they grew up on it! They’ve come with some incredible songs and once they saw what I could do with what they brought, they were flabbergasted! that made working with each of them a lot of fun for me‘ Ron says on recording this album.

Mr I,’ sizzling and burning with 2010 grooves like the Tricky produced ‘I Need You‘ and standout chill out ballads like ‘What I Miss Most.’ For Ron Isley, the whole album shows that ‘We can do it all! I’m known for doing everything from the funk of ‘Fight The Power’ to the love ballads people know me for.’ Other highly anticipated songs include ‘Money On Me’ feat. T.I., ‘Take It How You Want,’ and a scorchin duet with Lauryn Hill ‘Close To You’ produced by the legendary Burt Bacharach.

I want this to be the most outstanding record I’ve made, not just another album, but a record that everyone talks about, a record that’s my best!‘ – Ron Isley

In Stores & Online September 28th!

  1. Where the hell he dig up Lauryn at shit Im getting it just for that! But Ronald Isley is the shit so this will be added to my collection. Thx for the info!

  2. I am just happy this dude is making music still. Beautiful voice. Thanks for dragging Lauren’s butt from where ever she was. I like his spin on Close to You. It is sung beautifully. I’m not crazy about No More. It seems to be missing the soul you felt in all the Isley’s and Ron’s previous music. A little too folk sounding but again, sung beautifully.

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