UB Spotlight: Kaoz | ‘The Tyler Durden EP’

Why Project Mayhem & Tyler Durden?

The titles for both Kaoz’s debut mix-tape and first EP were both based on the cult classic film “Fight Club” – which at the meat and bones was a story about living the life you truly want to live, and the more often than not hard path to getting there. Tyler is the protagonist’s alter ego. The one that shamelessly moves within a world riddled with conformity and classism. He worked against the grain, establishment, the SYSTEM.

Same goes for Kevin & Kaoz…Kaoz through hip hop and spoken word, strives to bring his listeners towards enlightenment. Being ever connected to the beauty in chaos and imperfection, Kaoz embraces mistakes, engages triumphs and poses as a catalyst breaking societal chains through the word.

Some may find his language to be abrasive, but Kaoz pulls no punches. Perhaps one of the first records in a long time that tells stories without the gratuitous use of the “N” word. However, this piece is a culmination of energies, most aggressive, forward looking, and bound by a past of faith and a present of innovation. Simply put, a reflection of the young African American man’s existence in the U.S.

The Tyler Durden EP is a auditory tour de force which relies heavily on alternative subject matter and innovative beats and arrangements. This album was done for those who forgot that Hip Hop is Kaoz’s first poetry slam. And now, fully mature and ready to strike, he reminds us all how to live.

Stay Tuned for the UrbanBridgez.com Interview with Kaoz & Review of ‘The Tyler Durden EP’.

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