Meet-N-Greet: 2DFRNT

2DFRNT (pronounced “two different”) is a multi-talented pop/R&B/rap duo consisting of St. Louis vocalist Al’Michael and Brooklyn rapper Stuy, whose songs reflect a unique collaboration of the laid-back Brooklyn rap style and catchy melodic dance-pop/R&B hooks. This 21-year-old singing/rapping duo charms people with their funny, charismatic and outgoing personalities. The ladies can’t get enough of them and guys want to be like them. Although the two have different characters, upbringings and points of view, they become one entity when it comes to writing and creating their own music. Be it a sentimental song like “Take You Away” or a playful song like “Party”, the guys write about everyday relatable topics of life, love, dreams and struggle. Al’Michael’s voice is a combination of soul, passion and energy that shows tremendous versatility and can cover multiple genres from pop, R&B to gospel. His vocals draw frequent comparison to Chris Brown and Usher, while Stuy’s sound resembles that of rappers Fabolous, Mase and Kanye West. Both artists write, co-produce and perform their own songs, which generally have a sentimental or playful and energetic vibe. Their music sound and style are at times reminiscent of a cross between Black Eyed Peas and Chris Brown, backed by bass-heavy beats and synth-based dance tracks, which create a mix of urban and electronica. The name 2DFRNT represents the fusion of different music genres, two cities, two stories, two styles and personalities, a collaboration that is set to become the newest sensation to hit the music industry. Having spent the past couple of years honing their craft on stage and in the studio the guys are ready for breakout success in 2010 with their debut EP.

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