UBGteam Blogs: Concepts of Music Videos (then to now)

UBGteam Blogs: Concepts of Music Videos (then to now)!

Will we ever get past half naked booty shaking women, poppin’ bottles, rims and cars, and showing off jewelry in music videos? Let’s be real, these types of videos just is not cutting it anymore. Whatever happened to quality, unique, story-telling music videos? What happened to wanting to intrigue the public? What happened to actually trying to apply the music video to the concept of the song?

It has been stated by many people that hip-hop is (was) dead, and more recently, hip- hop has been revived. Though I am not really sure where I stand on that topic (that is a whole other blog entry), if this fact holds true, isn’t it time for the quality of music videos to change if the music is improving? I just can’t take anymore of the “Lemonade’s” by Gucci Mane in Hip Hop. I (and I hope a lot of other people) want real concepts and story- telling videos like Jay-Z’s “I Know” or Kanye’s “All Falls Down” or Nas’ “One Mic”. Kanye West has had an array of unusual and arguably strange videos, for example his several videos for “Flashing Lights”, but those videos have had people talking, and show an artistic side of him as an artist. Directing videos is an art and I feel like that is often forgotten.

It’s amazing what a video can really do for a song. For example, recently Alicia Key’s song “Unthinkable” was beginning to become overplayed on the radio. After seeing the video for it, I fell in love with the song all over again. The concept of the video, the story… that is what made me appreciate the song even more.

I turned to the oh-so-helpful Twitter, just to get people’s opinions of their favorite videos. A lot of my followers stated that they like videos with a lot of dancing such as Aaliyah’s video for “4 Page Letter” and Beyonce’s video for “Single Ladies”. Beyonce’s video was a simple yet intriguing video because of the dancing; something so simple. Another common trend I found is that people like videos with comedic entities; for example Redman’s video for “Ill B Dat” or several of Eminem’s videos such as “The Real Slim Shady” or “We Made You”. My followers also like touchy and emotional videos such as Eminem’s “Stan” or Jay-Z’s “Young Forever”.

Maybe because a lot of today’s music lacks substance, videos lack substance. But nonetheless, I really hope music videos begin to step their game up, and I hope directors do so as well. I also hope that MUSIC channels begin to actually play more MUSIC VIDEOS and stop with all these reality shows *ahem VH1, MTV, BET*. But that’s a whole other topic;).


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