Exclusive Preview: Poison IVY Speaks to UrbanBridgez.com

Officially kicking off our Black Music Month ‘Interview Series,’ which includes a new interview everyday starting Monday! New interviews with Faith Evans, Flex Alexander, Brandy & Ray J and Willie & Sonja Norwood, Dwele, Yukmouth & More! Today we bring you UBG’s own, Poison IVY on the day her street & buzz singles drop!

For over 30 years, Minneapolis, MN has been the melting pot for musicians vying for a place among music’s elite. It’s birthed legendary artists such as Prince, Morris Day & The Time, and legendary production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to name a few. Someone else looking to gain notoriety is newcomer Poison IVY.

Poison IVY, a native to the Twin Cities, was surrounded by music as a child. Being exposed to stars on stage and backstage early on, she never realized music flowed through her soul. She noticed an ever growing affinity for writing leading her to write poetry and other forms of literature. Since poetry was her first love, IVY couldn’t stop putting life’s emotions on the pad.

Over five years ago after maturing her craft, IVY noticed her material began taking the shape of songs. Family and friends around her noticed it and began pushing IVY to go further. She went on to create her first three verse song and gained courage to perform in front of audiences.

IVY is managed by Aries of Urban Bridgez Group who IVY has known since grade school and he has worked on marketing/promotions for recording artists Faith Evans, Monica, 702, Brandy and Ray J to name a few! IVY has the honor of being the first artist signed to UBG (Urban Bridgez Group). She signed with Blaccheart ENT last year and is currently finishing her up-coming mixtape dropping in August and her upcoming album that will be released early next year! Preparing herself for the road to stardom, IVY wants people to know “she’s no gimmick and she’s creating music straight from the heart.”

Jason (President of UBG) sat down with UBG’s own shining star Poison IVY for her introductory interview to the world! 5 questions / 5 answers from IVY! This is just the beginning, get to know Poison IVY!


UrbanBridgez.com: For the ones outside of Minnesota and Atlanta who don’t know who you are yet, explain ‘Yes I’m Back?”
Poison IVY: Yes I’m Back’ is like my anthem! At one point when I was with my first label I was doing lots of shows. Then I got wrapped up in my own life, family, relationships, and work that I couldn’t focus on music. There was nobody musically pushing me or pulling me in the direction of the studio. So I temporarily fell off. So ‘Yes I’m Back’ is for all those who saw me and asked where I’ve been and when am I returning to the scene. For those who ask about my CD everytime they see me. For those who knew I had it in me and refused to give up on me! And most importantly for my Haters! (singing “Yes Ivy’s back take caution beware, if you’re hatin man I really don’t care…cause “Yes I’m Back!”) Ha!

UrbanBridgez.com: What are your goals moving forward as a new artist?
Poison IVY: Like any artist that creates, my goal is for the world to recognize my work! Not saying I need to be next on Cribs, but if I can reach even one female with my music that is going through it, than my art has been recognized. If I can reach that one character that thinks he can do no wrong and get him to just analyze a verse and realize that it is what his woman is thinking..than my art has been recognized! To move forward is to surpass your current ground. I don’t feel I can surpass something I have yet to conquer.

UrbanBridgez.com: Why Blaccheart and UBG?
Poison IVY: (laughs) BlaccHeart because it’s not just a Label, its a Lifestyle (laughs)! No, I picked BlaccHeart as much as they picked me. It’s a camp full of people that at one point were associated with my first label Guaranteed Ent. So when they all came together to form their own label, it ended up consisting of 6 of the hottest artists in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area. To add myself to the mix was like the perfect verse over a tight beat..brown sugar baby! I picked UBG because I’ve known Aries (CEO of UBG) for my lifetime and I’ve had the honor of watching him develop as a person, and as a businessman. When you can get genuine people on your team, the flow of life is just better. I’m comfortable and I know that if I do my part, he will do his best to make me shine! So where better to be..Blaccheart/UBG, I keep some of the hottest men in the city around me at all times!

UrbanBridgez.com: What’s your take on the Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj beef?
Poison IVY: From the sounds of it Lil Kim is beefin with herself! She wants Nicki to pay homage for stealing her identity, her style, her life, but the reality is…Nicki is a puppet and Wayne & Diddy are holding the strings! It’s not like Kim is actively in the game, so she can’t really get mad. I do commend Nicki though for not falling victim to Kim’s most likely publicity stunt and for keeping it classy because I heard the interviews and Kim sounded real belligerent. Mattel comes out with a new version of Barbie every year, so both of them are of their era. But a Barbie cat fight (laughs)? That’s something us real Bitches would like to see…I’m buying the popcorn!

UrbanBridgez.com: Who are your influences?
Poison IVY: Of course all of the real women that came before me in this game. For those Twin Cities icons that paved the way, my parents and as much as I hate to say it, they pushed me by not believing in me as an artist! But most importantly the people that helped craft me into the artist I am personally, and that pushed me to be better!


  • Poison IVY is co-hosting “The Black Report” Radio Show TONIGHT! Friday June 18th from 7PM to 10PM (central) !
    Hittin Lick Radio (listen live)! [LINK]


    For More Information on Poison IVY: [UBGmedia]


    1. I checked out the interview and I am still checking out the music. I have to say that “whY” is such an important song for these young girls to hear. I commend UBG for signing an artist like this, where she is speaking on things other than bragging about what she has or what she can do in the bedroom. I just have one more song to check out but out of the three I’ve heard, she is really talented and you can count on my support!

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