Meet-N-Greet: Ricky J

Ricky J has embraced that fact and is a living breathing testament to making it a reality with the release of his new single, “Whatta Night” co-produced and written by Ricky J and is featured on his soon to be released CDPaint The Town. “Whatta Night” is already certified Gold as a Digital Download in Canada as well as topping the Crossover and Pop charts in that country. “Whatta Night” was recently selected as an upcoming song on the popular television show, “So You Think You Can Dance” Canada. “Whatta Night” was launched in the U.S and all indicators are showing that this song is quickly growing from the dance floor to the radio waves. Ricky J’s “Whatta Night” video shot in Los Angeles by Yolande Geralds (Trey Songz, Piles, Tracy Chapman) surpassed 100,000 hits on youtube and is already being played on Logo (Viacom) and many video outlets and retail stores within the United States.

To say Ricky’s arrived full-circle is an understatement. From coming up as an underground rapper, to finding commercial success with play on MTV Canada and Much Music, to going back under the radar to hone his business side, and ultimately re-emerging as an “Executive Artist,” Ricky’s perseverance could NEVER have even been in question. Fellow Canadians Drake and Justin Bieber represent just the tip of the talent iceberg in Canada, and Ricky J is intent on joining them. The most telling evidence of that? Ricky’s own simple assertion:

“We plan on making 2010 an incredible year for my new music venture with Franchise Entertainment, and, most importantly, my own music,” he says emphatically. “There won’t be any doubt.”

“Whatta Night” is from the forthcoming CD, Paint The Town available on Franchise Entertainment on


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