Chris Brown & Tyga Drop Mixtape

Chris Brown let the world know he’s not comfortable just being a mixtape artist. As much as his fans aren’t too settled with that notion either, that hasn’t stopped the young R&B star from continuously showering them with what he does best and what they love most—his music.

In continued support and appreciation of his fans, Brown and Young Money recording artist, Tyga, dropped the anticipated Fan Of A Fan mixtape May 17th. While many were skeptical of what to expect on the heels of the mellow, but somewhat uninspired “G-Sh*t,” Breezy and Tyga managed to surpass expectations as more material dropped up to the actual release date.

As mixtape outing number two for Brown, and the complimentary addition of Tyga, where In My Zone may have slightly missed its intended grown and sexy target, Fan Of A Fan makes up for it by moving a few steps forward. With original beats produced by Kevin “K-Mac” McCall and Jahlil Beats, Fan Of A Fan is not without additional features including K-Mac, Lil’ Wayne, and Bow Wow. Although at times the collaborative efforts lend themselves to slight inconsistencies thematically within a couple of tracks, Chris and Tyga brought forth an impressive set.

While fans have been exposed to rapper Breezy as of late, exploring new artistic territory isn’t limited to just Brown. Tyga takes a stab at rapping as well as rocking the hook on “Movin 2 Fast,” while Brown delivers a solid performance showcasing his newly acquired rap skills on “48 Bar Rap.” The duo’s tag team efforts are seamless on the drum and keyboard driven Neptunes-inspired “Drop Top Girl.” – Neon

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