UB Blog: ‘What Chilli Wants’

Rozonda Thomas, better known as Chilli from the group TLC, has snagged her own reality show on finding what it seems like the whole reality show world is looking for; love. Her new show on VH1 “What Chilli Wants” is an opportunity for her to find real love after having many failed relationships. Advice columnist Tionna Smalls is on a search to find the man of her dreams, but she finds very early on in the show that finding a beau for Chilli is not an easy task.

Chilli shows on the first episode that she is very picky; she has a long list of characteristics and expectations that she wants her future companion to have ranging from having a six-pack, to not eating pork. Tionna along with the men she dates, will try and break down the walls she has formed to try and get her to see what the world has to offer her.

Chilli, who by the way looks like she has not aged one bit since her days of TLC, has a close “friendship” with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. He has appeared thus far on the first and second episode, and his feelings for her seem to go way deeper than a friendship. Chilli will either chose to take a step further with Floyd, or will continue her quest to find love. Tune into “What Chilli Wants” on Sundays at 10:30 PM to see where her journey takes her.

– Amaiya (UBGteam)

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