Celebrities Against Bullies

Some of Hollywood’s finest have joined VH1 Star, tv host and actress, Poprah, in her mission to combat one of the biggest crisis amongst America’s teens, and Hollywood is taking note. So far, celebrities including, RayJ, Brandy, Tatyana Ali, Lisa Raye, Guy Torry, Kevin Hart, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Kym Whitley, Tommy Davidson, Alex Thomas, and many others have joined the cause to become what Poprah’s coined as “C.A.B.’s, Celebrities Against Bullies”. Word has it TI, has just agreed to come aboard as well!

Poprah’s been making mega-moves in Hollywood in a very short time since she dominated the scene recently as a host on her 2nd of two Vh1 shows with Diddy. But the tv host & actress, is now making news again as she’s joined forces with a movie production company, Awesome Entertainment and has been leading the campaign for a cause that’s been dominating news headlines for the past two weeks, “bullying”. Apparently, she’s gotten some pretty big names to join her “Celebrities Against Bullies” campaign to bring awareness to the growing crisis of “bullying”, which has been a major cause for teens involved in mass homicides and suicides, as well as depression amongst young people.

She’s says that the issue was brought to her attention after she was filmed in a new movie called “The Hunchback”, which is the first film to be released which seriously address’s the bullying issue, and ironically it was within two weeks of that time that “bullying” once again became a major headline in the media, due to the recent suicide of another young girl who was “bullied to death”. The 15 year old girl’s fellow students where even indicted for their involvement. “I knew this was no coincidence and that I had to do something, she says. I know the influence celebrities and movies have on the younger generation, and I that I could leverage my own popularity to get other celebrities, big celebrities involved. So along with the support of the film’s producer, Steve Roeder Sr., I formed CelebritiesAgainstBullies.com, and celebrities have been jumping aboard ever since.

On our site at www.celebritiesagainstbullies.com, each celeb has their own video where they speak about their personal experience and views on bullying. They also give advice and encouragement to those who are affected, and wisdom to those involved.

I am so honored to have some of the biggest names in the business stepping up to support this cause. We’ve all been affected by bullying in some way, either we were bullied, were the bully, or know someone was one of the two. With the help of social networks, bullies are causing more damage then ever. Everyone wants to fit in, but not everyone can handle the rejection or the pressure, and people need to know you can damage someone for life with what you say, and how you treat them, speak to them, or even by excluding them. It’s serious, kids are dying and it’s getting worst”, she says.

Rumor has it that some people are proposing not only criminal charges in bullying incidents, but that parents be held responsible too, through ticketing or worse. We want the kids, the parents, community leaders to know there are resources available that can help and support them, for more information go to her website at: www.celebritiesagainstbullies.comNews Blaze

  1. I knew Poprah was a star when I saw her on the 1st Season of Diddy show, Diddy missed out on this one, he gone be coming back to mgr her, watch. This big girl is making ish happen & aint been in Hollywood a year. Damn! Love that celebritiesagainstbullies.com site. She got dem celebs poppin off for charity, that’s whats up! She aint no typical reality star, that was just leverage I think.

  2. Bullying has come a big problem in our socity and the problem needs to be fix. I’m not jufying bullying but bullying been around a long time. Parents other positive adults need to teach them to speak up not taken the suicide route out. These individuals need to learn problem solving skills at the end of the day.
    I also think these parents not teaching them home training: they would know how to treat people. some of these teachers need to protect their students since this harassement is happening on school grounds.
    People need to stop been mean! and it’s a good ideal, the world need more peace tolerance for people feelings keeping their head up.
    The world needs GOD folks having a attitude like Christ.

  3. My son has been tormented for the last two years by a group of females he tells his story on Facebook called bullying Jadens story. He is only ten and has been hospitalized twice from this. The school has not done really anything to stop these girls from calling him names even with an adult around him everyday they say nasty things the latest was fatso and manboobs. My son’s best friend said he heard why they pick on him and i have heard it before but i didnt want to accept that it was because of his skin color. Jaden is the only bi-racial boy in his class and there are maybe 5-10 bi-racial or black students in the school. My son is the victim and they are blaming him:(Why? Please read my sons story and pass it along..Bullying needs to stop..

  4. I want to thank you so much for what you do with your organization and for creating this foundation for all the victims out there. I also want to make a different because I was a victim of bullying back in my High School years, although I was one of the lucky ones I cannot say the same for the many victims out there that are constantly paying the price for this inhuman acts of cruelty across the world. It is because I want to make a different myself, I have recently started a petition through Care2.com call “Tougher Laws for Bullies”. Please come visit us and sign our petition. It’s free and it won’t cost you anything, only time. All we are asking is that you sign the petition and spread the word so that everyone else could sign it to. The goal is 1,000 signature so we could be heard. We want to send a message loud and clear that bullying needs to stop and we are no longer going to allow it. Please help us with making a different for new laws against bullying. Thank you once again, with all you do with your organizations.

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