NY Senator Says No More ‘Pants on the Ground’

New York State Senator Eric L. Adams is declaring war on butt cracks. Citing a mockery inducing “sagging pants culture,” the Democrat has paid for the hoisting of six, 22-foot-tall billboards in Brooklyn, NY with the message “Stop the Sag!” and “We Are Better Than This!”

While the pants hanging low and below the hips trend taken up by many male teens (or grown-ass men who refuse let childhood go) is not a new phenomenon, it received a boost in attention when American Idol contestant “General Platt” debuted his “Pants on the Ground” song about the matter.

But the video Senator Adams released to accompany the ads is where the concerned politician’s appeal truly becomes borderline comedic In all earnestness Adams compares the sagging pants trend to the “long tradition of negative stereotyping” seen in the stereoptyical imagery that is displayed in the video’s background while he speaks.

While sagging pants are certainly one of the most perplexing, and borderline homo-erotic, trends taken up by inner-city youth, it is nothing new. When baggy jeans were par for the course, the pants were sagging too. Though, in the latter case they were sliding off the wearer’s rear due to the pants being over-sized, not because the blood flow reducing tightness of said jeans makes raising them past the buttocks damn near impossible.

Adams says he spent $2000 in campaign funds to pay for the billboards. Guess that’s cheaper than commissioning Spike Lee to create “Bamboozled II: Stop the Sag.” (– Alvin Blanco ‘Black Voices’)

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  1. I do think something needs to be done about this. Maybe a fine or something to that nature. My son “Sags” and I hate it, I’m always telling him to pull his damn pants up. I dont think I would go as far as comparing it to some of the things in the video though. The sagging thing isn’t a black thing, it’s a young and or individual thing. So to compare it to those racially negative images is a little much.

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