First Look: Tracklistings for Toni, Bone & Leelah is known to bring you tracklistings FIRST for new releases & today we got three for you for up-coming releases in May. All tracklistings are confirmed by the respected label & are subject to change (we’re hoping Toni’s changes)! Check them out!

Toni Braxton – Pulse | In Stores May 4th!

Make My Heart
Hands Tied
If I Have To Wait
Lookin’ At Me
No Way
Why Won’t You Love Me

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Uni-5: The World’s Enemy | In Stores May 4th!

The Law [Intro]
See Me Shine [featuring J Rush]
Only God Can Judge Me
Wanna Be
My Life
Fearless [Interlude]
Gone [Featuring Ricco Barrino]
Meet Me In The Sky [Featuring K Young]
A New Mind = A New Life [Interlude]
Pay What They Owe
Facts Don’t Lie

Leelah James – My Soul | In Stores May 25th!

I Ain’t New To This
So Cold
The Fact Is
I Want It All
Party All Night
Mr. Incredible – Ms. Unforgetable
Tell Me You Love Me
Let It Roll
Supa Luva
If It’s Wrong
It’s Over

  1. This isn’t true for Toni because is streaming her songs one at a time. And last week was Rewind, which isn’t on this track list. I am looking forward to her album.

  2. in stores MARY 4th? -_- fail… how do u want this to seem official if u cant even spell the damn release dates.. and thats a HIGHLY unlikely tracklist for bone seeing as FIVE of the tracks r already out in HQ not to mention an intro and TWO interludes… which leaves 4 real unheard songs? please tell me this is april fools joke…

  3. ^^ Thanks for pointing out the error in the grammar. All the extra isn’t needed though! Those tracklistings are from their respected label, which it states that before you even read them! So if they change, they will update us, but those ARE the OFFICIAL tracklistings as of now from each label on those albums. So be mad at them, not UB!!!

    – AriesUBG

  4. @wtf Another thing, you should do since you’re not familiar with this “official site” is to Google us for starters & do a search on the site for tracklistings and you’ll see that, we break tracklistings, before Amazon, press release, etc. alot of the time for urban releases. We’ve ran an e-zine (T M H/UBG) for over 10 years and we have some great label friends who provide us with ACCURATE information to post on

    – AriesUBG

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