A Look Into The Norwoods ‘Family Business’

On April 11th, VH1 will debut the highly anticipated new reality show “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business” at 9/8 central. The show centers around The Norwood family, singer/actress Brandy, her younger brother singer/entrepreneur Ray J, their father singer/vocal coach Willie Norwood and their mother and manager Sonja B. Norwood.

UrbanBridgez.com can assure you, this will not be your average reality show! The shows focus is to bring the family together to work on their family business. A business that includes management, developing recording artists, production and more – that stretches from three imprints Norwood Entertainment Group, KnockOut Entertainment & the newly formed Rn’B Productions!

Sonja has been taking care of the business for years and now it’s time to pass the torch down to Brandy & Ray J, who are already two of the biggest entertainers in the business with their careers expanding more than 15 years from Music to Television. Now it’s time for them to take the family business to the next level! Ray J’s KnockOut Entertainment already has an impressive roster that includes singer/actress Tasha Scott, rappers Shorty Mack & Truth and producer Detail.

The idea of the new show was Ray J’s who also serves as executive producer along with Brandy. Fresh off of the heals of his last successful reality show ‘For The Love of Ray J,’ we can promise you, this will be nothing like that! Although it took some time for Ray to talk his mother and sister into the idea of filming a reality show based on the family, due to their worries of some people judging the family negatively! The same worries the family had before they filmed ‘Brandy: Special Delivery‘ back in 2002 for MTV. However Ray J shortly made them realize the show would and could do more good than bad. Haters will hate regardless!

The one-hour, 11 episode series won’t only focus on the family business, but the family as a whole. As they all come back together to tighten their brands, they must first tighten their relationships with each other! For the first time viewers will be able to see the family in a different light and get to know a family that has brought so much to the entertainment industry in the last two decades. You’ll get an inside look on a family including cousins, aunts and grandparents who all play important roles in the success of Brandy & Ray J! Other footage will also include Brandy & Ray J in the studio working on their upcoming albums as well as performances and business meetings.

Urban Bridgez Group recently launched the new official site for Brandy (www.4everbrandy.com) and will soon launch the first ever official site for Sonja Norwood in the coming weeks to coincide with the show! Make sure to keep it locked to both sites for updates and exclusives!

Take a look at the new super trailer below and make sure to mark your calenders and tell your friends, “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business” Premieres April 11th at 9/8 Central, trust you’re not going to want to miss a single episode!

  1. I’m all over this show I cant wait. I’m worried though id people are ready to embrace Brandy again like before or even close. I think shes fantastic and she will always have my support hopefully this show will help her climb the charts again

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