Exclusive: Bone Thugs Kick Off New Tour In Minneapolis

Legendary Grammy award winning Hip-Hop Group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are back together, with all five original members for the first time in 15 years! To say Bone Thugs fans are excited would be an understatement! Their new album “Uni5: The World’s Enemy” will be released via BTNH/Asylum/WEA on May 4th! In celebration of the new release, the guys have officially kicked off a 34 city tour, starting in Minneapolis on March 24th at the legendary spot First Ave!

Krayzie recently talked to UrbanBridgez.com about the new album and the group coming back together!

Before the show all of the guys spoke to UrbanBridgez.com on their tour bus before the show as they prepared to take the stage. One member noticeably absent was Bizzy Bone (who is also apart of the new release and tour), however as they stated, Bizzy is Bizzy! He will later join the other members on the tour for various dates, however will not appear throughout the full tour. Flesh who’s been absent from the group for over 8 years, seemed to be very excited about kicking off the tour! He stated “We’re not sure how Minnesota ended up first on the list, but we’re happy about it and we’re going to give what we always do, 100% of high energy while we’re on stage!” The guys just released their new single “Meet Me In The Sky,” this week which on first listen immediately took me back to “Crossroads” and in a good way. However as Layzie & Krayzie explained, it’s not another “Crossroads!” Krayzie said “The song is really about everybody hating on us down here (on earth) and we’re saying we’ll meet you in the sky!” Layzie chimed in “More so with “Crossroads” it was about loosing loved ones.” Krayzie continued “We’re not trippin on the haters & that’s what the song is about really. Alot of people tell us it reminds them of “Crossroads,” because of the melody and like with any song people can really put their own interpretation to it which is cool!” Wish Bone wanted Bone fans to know, “the group sends much love to their fans and get ready for when they come to your city, because they’re gonna set the mutha fucka off!

Fast-forward to the start of the show, each member came out one by one rippin the mic and the crowed continued to go wild with each member entrance to the stage! The first few cuts they performed were from the first two albums, songs like “East 1999,” “1st of The Month” and “Thuggish Ruggish Bone.” No real concert would be complete right now without a Michael Jackson tribute & the guys did a wonderful one that had everybody amped in the audience! A tribute to the late Eazy E followed, for those stuck under a rock, Eazy is the first one who put Bone on in a major way by signing them to his Ruthless label back in 1993. Of course they had to show love to Biggie & Tupac as well, Bone is the only artist to have recorded with the two while they were here! The tributes included them bumping songs from each artists and having the audience participate in rapping along, which was a great addition to the already impressive show.

Bone gave what Flesh had promised before the show in our conversation, plenty of high energy on the stage as the members did their own little dances at times and gave each other daps during performances. The unity within the group was definitely showcased on stage and the sold out venue couldn’t do anything, but appreciate the fact they got what they paid for…hits, great performances & the whole nine! The guys were so on point I never really noticed the absence of Bizzy, until they performed “Crossroads” and one of the key parts was missing from the song towards the end, “Imma Miss Everybody, Imma Miss Everybody,” the song just isn’t complete without that! Hopefully the guys get a track for that element when Bizzy isn’t on stage, seeing them perform the song live just isn’t complete without everybody in the audience being able to sing along to that part. The guys didn’t ignore the fact that they were missing a member of the group as they got ready to perform “I Tried” from the new album, “every family goes through shit and Bone is no different, but we’re family” Layzie stated!

Over all the show was great! To be the first stop on the tour & anybody that knows about the first few nights of any tour, it can be a little off and crazy. But the guys worked it out with almost no noticeable technical issues at all. They closed the show out with one of the new singles from the new album, a song called “Determination” which I can see being played in the clubs this summer!

Make sure you check Bone Thugs-N-Harmony out when they come to your city! You won’t be disappointed, as a matter of fact… I think it will give you a new appreciation for the group and fully understand why these guys have sold over 30 million albums, won numerous prestigious awards and still til this day, have set a standard of originality that no other Rap group since them has been able to compare to! – Mr. UBG

New Album “Uni-5…The World’s Enemy” In Stores & Online May 4th!

(B/W Images Courtesy of Shane of Necessary Exposure)


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