Pics: Chris Brown Reads to 3rd Graders

Chris Brown read to 3rd graders at the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem tonight. For the annual Family Read Night, Chris was invited to the event by principal Dawn Cejas. Other celebrities and politicians were also invited to participate. However Chris was the only one who accepted. The event is held to encourage students to read. By the looks of the pics, Chris really enjoyed the event as so did the students!

In other Chris Brown news, he’s official back on Twitter! So make sure you follow him @ChrisBrown

Check Out More Pics Below…

  1. I have to agree with the writer. He seems like he enjoyed the kids. I would too if I was in a room filled of people that didnt judge me for something I did. Everyone deserves a second chance. Other celebrities have been given chances over and over again. Why not Chris. Thank God, God give us grace and mercy! Chris thank you for coming! Next time come during the day. we would love for you to teach a class.

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